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MG MGA - Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

For those of you UK-based enthusiasts, Friday's edition of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip on BBC2, featured 2 'celebrities' I had never heard of (apologies to fans of Janey Lee Grace and Tim Smith) driving 2 classic cars which I certainly had heard of, a 1960 red MGA and a 1962 Austin Healey. Worth watching on BBC iPlayer for the cars alone! (ref Series 8 Episode 7)
Robert Sinclair

Nice MGA, shame about the steering wheel!
Bolney Coupe

I certainly would never consider lending my car to that programme. The car handling of one or two of the experts beggars belief. Charles Hanson comes readily to mind.
Steve Gyles

The two so called celebrities are Steve Wright’s side kicks on his afternoon BBC Radio 2. I recorded programme and watched it last night.

Only comments are about seat belts. Do people really have MGAs without any seat belts these days? The Healey did have belts when 2 experts arrived wearing them. BUT when Janey was a passenger in it later in the programme she wasn’t wearing a belt, unless it was somehow hidden under clothing. Very naughty and bad example on BBC.

Paul Dean

I can only see a few episodes of Series 12 on the bbc iPlayer?

No sight of Series 8.

Colin Manley

Ah. Found it now. Another episode where the antique experts make a loss for both teams - seems to be the norm.
Colin Manley

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