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MG MGA - Dipstick length

Hey All, can someone measure their dipstick and tell me where to place the dust cap? Does the stick just bottom out? Thanks, Tom, slow but sure
Thomas McNamara

Put the rubber cap on the stick. Push the stick down until it hits bottom of the pan. Rubber cap will sit on top of the tube.
Barney Gaylord

Now, now lets not go comparing the length of our dipsticks
S E Bryan

Oh, thanks for the length suggestion. I pulled the dipsticks out of my two 1500's and looked at them together for the first time - they're different. Does anyone know which is right?

Dennis Suski

Right off I can tell you one of them is wrong. There were three different sticks, and they all have the MAX mark in the same place. At (e)28979 the MIN mark was raised to 3/8" below the MAX mark, where it was 3/4" below for earlier cars. See here:

The 1500 and early 1600 stick was straight. From (c)78292 the 1600 stick was cranked away from the engine, but otherwise had marks in the same place as the late 1500 cars. See here:

From (e)28979 on all sticks had the marks in the same positions. I recall someone had this problem before I had my web site, maybe 1996 or 1996. I can't find the exact dimensions on my web site (very odd), so I will measure a dip stick again.

And the answer is, the top stick in your picture is correct. Bottom mark is 1-11/16" from bottom of stick. Top mark is 2-1/16" from bottom of stick. Marks are 3/8" apart. The second stick in your picture is not for MGA. Now I have to go "stick" this on a web page.
Barney Gaylord

Ah-HA! I knew it was here somewhere. So much stuff on my web site that I had to use the search function to find it. I just used your picture too. See here:
Barney Gaylord

Thank you for digging that out Barney. I'm always amazed at how much I don't know.
Dennis Suski

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