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MG MGA - Do you belong to a local car club?

We are trying to form a local British car club, and I would like to know what you like to do at your meetings, how often you hold your meetings, and are spouses present
at the meetings?
Are the meetings fun and interesting? If so, what do you like that keeps you interested?
Our first meeting is Sunday, for lunch, and I'm working on an agenda.
Thanks for any input.
Edward Wesson 52TD

Hi Edward,
I am the secretary of West Lancs MG Owners Club - for info look at our website -
We try not to have natter & noggin evenings if we can help it - so we try to have an agenda that appeals to as many as possible. About a third our members come along with their wives/partners . We have around 65 active members at the moment.
We mix the events - sometimes a talk, sometimes a quiz , a car park event ( eg. blindfold steering) etc - but the website will give you more idea - good luck with your venture - contact me by email if you want more - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

Send me your email address and we can exchange phone numbers. I am President of the British Automobile Club of Southwest Virginia and would be glad to talk about our club and what we do. My email address is

David Honness

I have found at least in my case, wives and tech sessions do not mix well. Her level of interest is about the same as when an anesthesiologist puts a needle in her arm.
Dennis Suski

I've been in many clubs and they are all different. Some have meetings every month with guest speakers. Others have tech sessions. Some have regular events, some do not. Some like trophy hunting and others prefer to take nice long drives and get the cars dirty (my personal preference). Some like formal meetings, others like to meet at bars to drink beer together for a couple hours before driving home (not a good idea). You have to cater it to what the membership is happy with, and each group is unique.

In general, wives are often present and make up about 40% of the group at events and meetings. They always have a good time. The more women there are at a gathering, the more will likely come next time.
Steve S

Thanks for all the input...first meeting today, at lunch, at a local restaurant....
Hopefully weather will hold dry, until much later....
(We've had so much rain this year...we can't seem to plan anything).
Edward Wesson 52TD

What your club will want to do is a very personal thing and you can only decide that when you have a membership and you get a sense of what kinds of things they will come out for. Start with something social as an opportunity for people to get to know each other. You all share an interest in the cars but different aspects of the hobby will appeal to different people. It takes time to build the communications necessary for an active group. Don't be discouraged if it starts small. Putting together events and activities takes work and planning and you need a large enough group who are willing to take on the tasks without overloading anyone to the burn out point. You don't want your club to run out of ice because the lady with the recipe died.
Keith Lowman

Edward, have a look at <>
G Goeppner

Thanks all for your comments and good wishes....
I spent quite a while speaking to David H., who gave me some insight into the Roanoke club...
And I looked at the Chicagoland mg club, site...
We are a very rural area, and will be drawing from a total population, in three counties , of perhaps 60K people, out of which, there are not more than 20 or so British cars.
We are mountain counties, and perfect for sports-car driving....
Anyway, we had our first meeting a a local restaurant, that was kind enough to give our members reserved parking for their cars...
Out of the 13 invitations, 11 cars showed up, with a total of 24 people....(three people came without their cars)..The lunch and meeting lasted from noon until about 2:30, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
I've included a few photos...Please continue any input that you may have.

Edward Wesson 52TD

Here's another angle:

Edward Wesson 52TD

One of the nice "A's":

Edward Wesson 52TD

And "your's truly's" "A":

Edward Wesson 52TD

Doesn't that "A" look just great without the registration plate we in the UK must have.
P N Tipping

Some States in the U.S. , require them as well....(When I got the car from California, it had a plate on the front and back)....Georgia, is not one of them...
Personally I dislike any plate on the front of a was not part of the design....Some car dealers put them on for advertising, but I always take them off.
Edward Wesson 52TD

Edward you have a very nice example of the MGA, indeed.
A real beauty. Good luck with your car club endeavor.
Stephen Lofaro

Hey Ed,
I was lucky enough to be included in the founding of this club and voted president a few times.
It started out grass roots like you are doing. I met some really great people. Just keep the cars rolling and have fun, the rest will fall into place. Heres our website!

It shows things from past and present.

I wish you all the best!

Oh ya! When you meet someone that tells you they dont join organizations, tellem great you are just the kinda person we are looking for
we are made up of non joiners thats what makes it great! Worked everytime up here in Boston! Always made me laugh too!
Steven Devine

You reminded me that when we started out, we used roberts rules of order to have the meetings.

Worked like a charm even with the worst mob. If we got bored of our meetings we used to look up another car club meeting and crash theres.

We would pile in to our cars drive down to where ever it was and just watch how there meeting worked. We met a lot of folks that way too! Lol!
Steven Devine

Heres a picture of me in 2006. Im the guy wearing the tie. Somebody at the show wanted to know whose car was leaking oil! I just started laughing and pointed to Jean who pointed at the oil stain! A british car show with no oil stains? What were they thinkin?

Steven Devine

MGAs are the best fun!

Steven Devine


I have to ask you, was that car originally black?

Stephen Lofaro

No, It was bought for $500.00 bucks and was one of the worst parts cars I had ever seen. It took 10 years to restore. Thank god Barney Gaylord built his little website. My car grew with this site and his.
I met a lot of people and eventually finished this project. I was a lot younger when I started.
Here is a picture of my daily driver.

Steven Devine

Sorry, got off topic the car was three coats of white sherwin williams house paint where it wasnt rusted out. Floors rotted threw no seats. It still ran on 2 cylinders and came with a 1622 thats still in it.
Steven Devine


I thought Old British Cars only didn't leak oil when there was none left, and even then it took a while for the leaked to dry off!

We have a thriving MGA Club here, and meet once a month in the evening for dinner and just general chat, and then once a month from spring-autumn to drive a mountain pass, or go and see something and have a drive. This we do on a Sunday, and it includes lunch, a drive, a walk or some sightseeing and a drive with a stop for afternoon coffee and then everyone heads in the various directions home again.

And very very occasionally we do something with the MGCC together
dominic clancy

Check out for details of the CCMGC.We are in our 44th year.
Twenty four people for a first meeting is very good. What will your Club be - MGA only, all MGs, or all British?
P. Tilbury

We are an all-British classic car club...
Thanks for the reference.
Edward Wesson 52TD

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