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MG MGA - Door mirrors

Hi guys, wel I've been a busy boy today in the garage, finally decided to fit door mirrors instead of windscreen post ones.
See my pic, I think the look ok, and I get good views of behind the car.
I also fitted a new oil pressure water temp dual gauge, I'm hoping the old gauge which the previous owner fitted was reading wrong, and that this will give me a true reading of my water temp, the old gauge he fitted just read C N H and it was going to H after about ten minutes on the road.
What sort of normal running temp should I see on my 1500 engine.

Cheers Jack

Jack New Forest

The mirrors look great Jack, they are pretty similar to those on my car and they are very effective positioned there.

You should be seeing somewhere between 175 and 185 on your temp gauge this time of year.
( I just noticed that your picture was the right way up Jack. Yeeah!)
Colyn Firth


Your tonneau thread shows your car with windscreen pillar mirrors. Did they not work for you?

Steve Gyles

Hi Colyn yes I turned my iPad upside down yo take the picture, perhaps it's an Australian iPad haha!

Hi Steve, no I didn't get on with it, not very good position for me, and I thought it stuck out a bit too far.

It's coming together nicely still a few small jobs to do, hope to get a new Tonneau cover made next week at Motobuild Egham Surrey.

A bit of carpeting to do in the boot, door card are a bit ropey so will think about making some new ones.

Nothing too important, just want to get her running nice for the Le Mans Classic in July.

Cheers, and I'll keep an eye on the new temp gauge Colyn.
Jack New Forest


Assuming you are going up the M3 to Egham you will pass within about 4 miles of me. Always welcome to drop by.

Steve Gyles

Too bad you didn't swap the fuel gauge and oil pressure/water temperature gauge positions when you changed the dual gauge. With a left hand drive car, anything hanging from the ignition key will block your view of the dual gauge. (It's in a perfect position in a right hand drive car.) I finally got around to changing mine a few years ago when I had the dash out and do not regret it.

Something to think about doing the next time you drain the cooling system.

Don Carlberg

Mine are exactly like yours and work very well.

Paul Dean

They work well there.
The other "mirror" thing I have done is to move the central mirror to under the top edge of the screen. In the standard position, being a little short, it caused me a big blind spot on corners
Graeme Williams


When I did high mileage (30kpa) in my then Coupe I had a suction mirror mounted high and it was good. It was actually in my case rather essential as I had the spare mounted on the boot lid.

Paul Dean

I have the wing mirrors on the fenders, over front wheels.
The visibility is perfect, and no need to turn your head.
Convex glass.
Art Pearse

Yes Steve I might do that, email me your post code etc. Rather than put it on here
My email is

Graeme could idea about the central mirror, have you actually screwed it to the top frame ?

Jack New Forest


Email sent.

Steve Gyles

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