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MG MGA - Door Panel Wooden Spacer


After purchasing a trim panel kit from PJM Auto Trimmers, that looks absolutely fantastic I am now about to fit the rails and the door panels/pockets.

I have got some new door stiffener bars as my car was bare, but after studying Barney's site I notice that the doors should have a wooden spacer strip at the top of the internal vinyl panel.

Have found some at NTG but can anyone give me some information on specifically where to fit them and how (glue... screws..)??

Any other advice before I set about trimming out the cockpit of my roadster..?

Thanks !

Mr Excited
Aleks Stojanovic

Here is a picture behind one of my door panels. I made up the wooden support bars wider than original to give better support for the panel. The wooden bars are screwed to the door. You will probably see your original holes if they haven't been filled in.
The panels have two trim screws at the top that screw into the bar......................Mike

Mike Moore

Bit of info on my website. See here and scroll down :

Steve Gyles

Another picture showing the two panel/bar screws at the top.
Mike Moore

Try again

Mike Moore

Barney has this topic covered; see attached link:
Nick Kopernik

This thread was discussed on 07/06/2017

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