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MG MGA - Drop link bolts

I don't have the bolts that connect the drop links to the (original) sway bar. Do these have a step in them to tighten the nut against? If so is there a source of stepped bolts or do I have to fire up the lathe?
Art Pearse

Talking to myself... or do I tighten up the U-fork tight to the inner metal bush?
There does not seem to be much elasticity in the rubber at the sway bar lever end - are they replaceable?

Art Pearse

My ARB kit came with standard 7/16" bolts 1.75" long (part no. AHC146) complete with nyloc nut & washer. No shoulder on the bolts just tighten enough to avoid locking it up...................Mike
m.j. moore

OK thanks Mike. So it rotates inside the bush?
Art Pearse

Art, I've just looked in my 1600 WM and it says 'insert a 7/16" washer between each side of the Metalastik bushes and the fork ends, and secure the links with the 7/16" clamp bolts and Aerotight nuts'.

With it saying 'clamp bolt' in the manual it must mean that the nut is tightened up against the inner bush which , in operation, flexes the rubber between bush and bar.

Also I've looked on mine and there is only one washer each side in the kit so I'll have to look around for another two.

I'm glad I looked now...............Mike
m.j. moore

I've just had a look at the ARB assembly diagram in the manual and it only shows one flat washer on the nut side of the link. Maybe a mistake? I think I'll add a second to be on the safe side.... Mike
m.j. moore

There seems to be another discrepancy between the text and diagram in the WM in that there is a separate bush (bronze?) pictured that fits into the end of the ARB. This is also shown in the 1600 parts list (AHH5939). Maybe this was an earlier design and the Metalastik construction came along a bit later to avoid having to grease the bush at intervals. I'll have to have another look at mine in the week ...............Mike
m.j. moore

The last version of the WSM has the two washer story, but one pictured. It doesn't matter, except that the washers are to fill any gap between the fork end and the bush inner tube, such that the fork ends stay straight and parallel. There may have been changes to the bush or the link, I can't remember; it was certainly not a wear item of note. As in all such things, the bolt MUST be tight against the distance tube, and the assembly MUST be tightened in operating laden position - all motion is torsion in the rubber.

FR Millmore

Is the bush AHH5939 just the central bush or yje whole Metalastik (?) bush with rubber ?
Art Pearse

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