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Perhaps I should clarify this!
The fixing bolts for the soft top frame to the body.

As you all know there are 3 captive nuts on either side of the cockpit for securing the soft top (hood) frame. I have seen somewhere the sizes of the bolts but cannot find it.

If anyone can help that would be appreciated.



Bottom two are countersunk and top one is hex. head. Length 3/4" and 1/4" UNF.

Nigel Munford

Mine must have been modified as all three on both my roadsters are countersunk? Suggest you change them to socket headed countersunk screws unless you are a concours nut.
Mike Ellsmore

There's no problem with the bottom two - they are 1/4" unf countersunk screws similar to the door hinge screws but the top one should'nt really be countersunk because, unlike the bottom two, there is no corresponding countersink in the frame metal unless you provide one yourself. I believe the original head was hex. but there can be a problem with this because to fix it you have to be able to get either a box spanner or socket through the hole in the first part of the frame. The original box spanner must have been slim enough but my sockets seem to be too fat to go through this hole. ......................Mike
m.j. moore

I know the top hole is a plain punched or drilled hole, but I put a flat head screw there anyway, just as a matter of convenience to have them all the same. Nobody notices. I too use socket head machine screws, very strong, and be liberal with the anti-seize compound. Once you have repaired those captive threads you don't every want to do it again.
Barney Gaylord

Todd Clarke sells a set of very nice fastners to the original spec.

AJ Mail

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