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MG MGA - Flash to Pass Optional Extra ?


I'm after someone who may have this option fitted to their RHD car and perhaps has it removed and could send in a photo of the wiring harness that comes with it.

We are having the sub Harness made in Australia but would like to know more about the originals.
i.e. the length and colours of each individual wire?

As always see Barney's page here:

Mark Hester

If anyone comes up with this, for either RHD or LHD, please let me know as well. Or, does anyone have the diagram? I have a LHD MGA 1600 Rdstr.

Many thanks,

Ted Persons

I have an orignal Lucus unit mounted on my LHD dash. I don't know the original colors, but the wires connect to the floor mounted dip switch. When hitting the long pole on the switch you can flash your bright light beams to warn other drivers or let trucks (lorries) in front of you. I would look in the manual to see what colors were used in the lighting circut and use those.

Jeff Becker
1961 MGA Roadster

Jeffs correct..the wiring manuals in both the Factory and Haynes manuals showe the wiring layout and colours. As a matter of interest, I and others I know have put this extra into our cars. The spring loaded toggle switch (long arm) is available from Holdens in UK (Part # 020.145)..use with a suitable relay.
Gary Lock

Hi Ted,

I'm not sure if we will be making LHD harnesses at this stage.

Gary, that switch from holden is nothing like the original.

Does anyone know where to source the original lucas switch? they may have been fitted to other cars.

Mark Hester

Mark, I think you are being a little over the top in describing the switch as "nothing like the original". I have both, and really the only visible difference is the "plastic" on the lever (BTW, the lever length is almost identical)..the Holden plastic on the lever is rounded, whereas the original is flush accross the end. Once they are installed, in the same spot as the factory manual shows, you wouldn't notice the difference.
Gary Lock

My flick switch, from Clarke Spares about twenty years ago, was an easy install. Comes in quite handy on the road, especially flashing truckers that they're clear. Been keeping an eye out for another for the TD. Marvin

Marvin Stuart

Hi Marvin,

Any chance of a photo under the dash of the wires please?

Mark Hester

Mark, it's a bit cumbersome to get a photo of the area that would show anything. I used a common 30 amp relay and followed the workshop manual wiring diagram. I don't recall a harness being included with the switch, but there could have been one. Marvin
Marvin Stuart

A couple of original photos of the sub harness is really what we need. A picture can be worth 1000 words as they say.

Just select the macro option on your camera.

Anyone know the part number of the sub harness?

Mark Hester

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