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MG MGA - Front bumper issues

Well, got the front fenders and valance on OK.

First, the grommets I got from Moss don't fit - the hole is too small to get over the shoulder of the dumb iron. Also the OD is only 50mm vs 60 from the old ones, and that leaves a gap on the outside irons (part 2)
Then I notice that the protrusion of the irons past the valance is not even. The centre irons protrude about 1/2", but the side irons only about 1/8 and the other flush. As well, the O/S irons are not central in the holes, resting outwards. Is it possible that I have to loosen the front extension and yank it forward? Is this possible? If so I think it would kill both issues.

Art Pearse

The front frame extension is not going to move forward, as the clearance holes for the bolts are tight fit. If the threaded ends are off center, you might be able to bend them (with considerable force). If you have a replacement fiberglass valance panel, those are a royal pain, probably the wrong shape. Mine does the same thing, won't accept the rubber grommets.
Barney Gaylord

Its the old metal valance Barney.
I guess I'll make a couple of spacers to prevent the bumper support bars from hitting the valance.
The spacing of the irons is OK according to the holes in the bumper support bars.
So, anybody bought grommets that fit?

Art Pearse

Anyone know what should be the correct protrusion of the side irons shoulder in front of the valance? I'm guessing 1/2", in which case I will have to cut and extend them! Or I will run out of thread if I pack them out behind the support bar.
Art Pearse

Assuming you can get the grommets over the Irons, once you put the bumper brackets on and start to tighten them up they will usually cover the valence holes as they are compressed and spread outwards.
J Bray


There is something wrong if you are talking about extending the Irons, just ease the bottom of the valence inwards.

If necessary do this using just the bumper springs rather than the complete bumper as its a lot easier.

Pet the springs on and tighten them up, then ease them off, put the grommets on then refit and tighten the bumper irons.

Once you are happy with the fit then add the bumper by assembling everything loosely and gradually tighten it all up together. Checking alignment and panel gaps as you tighten.

J Bray

If you lightly grease the grommets, they fit OK.

AJ Mail

Thanks Jim, grease and grunt worked.
Art Pearse

John, there is no way the valance is going to move backwards, far too stiff.
Art Pearse


I have never found an exact copy of the bumper grommets. However, there are these from Sports and Classics on ebay which is the only place I have seen what looks like the correct rear ones shown.

I have never bought them because the postage costs to the UK are huge and that has put me off. I would like to know if they are any good though and close to the originals? If you buy some do let me know.

John Francis

John, I purchased a set from Sports and Classics. Just received them but not installed. Quality looks good, but I'm not sure I can comment on how close to original the rear grommets are, never having seen original rear grommets before. I will say that they smell like real rubber, so I believe they will last, unlike so many other repro "rubber" bits.

G Goeppner

The bumper is on now, and I'm happy. It sits level and evenly gapped. I had to put extra washers on the outer irons to prevent the bumper bar fouling the valance. Lots of scraped skin getting the overrider bolts in!
Art Pearse

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