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MG MGA - Front wing bolts


In the parts manual are 5 longer bolts for connecting the front wings to the body. I found 2 longer bolts for the wirring harness between te bracket for the tube for the heater and the starter switch on the chassis.
1 bolt for the earth strap for the wirring loom.
Maybe 1 bolt for the anti rattle spring , but i'm not sure of that.maybe some one can confirm the 4 and where the 5 th bold should go.

thanks serge

There's a long bolt no.7 from front left to which the bonnet rod return spring is anchored and I used one no. 2 from front right to make a harness earth connection. I think you have the others..................Mike
m.j. moore

hi mike,

i think i miss one

2 for the wirringloom behind the tube for the heating in the right wing
1 for the earth connection in the right wing
1 for the anti rattlespring in the left wing (you call it no.7 from front left to which the bonnet rod return spring is anchored ).
then i still miss one


Serge, Don't make the same mistake that I did and do them up too tight! This will put creases in the front guards especially. The guards are made of very thin gauge (for lightness, no doubt), they will not fall off if you bring them up to the "contact" stage!
Barry Bahnisch

Serge, I don't think there are more than the four. There are clips under the wing bolts for the headlamp/sidelamp wires right at the front ( 1L and 1R) but they only add an 1/8" or so to the thickness and the normal bolt length should be alright. I'll have a look later on to be sure..................Mike
m.j. moore


Serge is correct about there being 5 listed. The MGCC MGA Technical Manual lists 21 5/16" x 1" UNF pointed set screws and 5 5/16" x 1 1/4" UNF pointed set screws.

I have to admit that I have never thought about there being different length bolts. I will have to check where I put them and where I made the various attachments Serge refers to. One item I definitely do not have is the anti-rattle spring assembly.

Steve Gyles

Barney shows a series of photos showing the P clips on the right wing. He has only labelled 2 P clips and the earthing strap. However, one of the photos (top left of the block of 4) shows a possible 3rd P clip location that he has not marked, but the hole clearly shows the same clean paint around the hole as the other locations. It is just to the right of his labelling "Rubber grommet in bulkhead".

Steve Gyles

I've just had a look and I can't see where another long bolt would be needed on the rhs or the lhs. The one you mention Steve (no.5 on the right) looks like a standard length; there's nothing attached to it on the inside, at least on mine.

However, in Todd Clarke's Technical Manual he says that long bolts were used for positions 1R and 1L. If TC is right then there will be long wing bolts at positions:-
Left: 1 and 7
Right: 1, 2, 6 and 8

Which is one more than in the parts list!.
I would't worry about it. .........................................Mike
m.j. moore


I hope Barney does not mind me reproducing the picture in question. I have have added the P Clip with question mark just aft of the trunking duct. There appears to be a longer bolt further forward that I have also annotated with a question mark. He has one marked in that general area, but it would appear from the photo that it is on top of the cross strut. Adding that lot up it would appear that there may have been 3 P clips on the right wing, plus the ground; and the spring retainer on the other side. That makes a total of 5.

Just looked at mine and I have not put any P clips on! The loom is just lying along the inner wing. Another small tidying up job for the close season.


Steve Gyles


steve i think your are right, but i found that there should be 4 p clips for the wirring loom in the front wing , so the bold for the antie rattle spring could be a normal one

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