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MG MGA - Fuel filler cap - what type?

A club member lost his fuel lockable filler cap. It is not a standard cap - does anyone know where he can get a replacement. Rolled flange is 43 mm ID, 56 mm OD.

Mike Ellsmore

Was it stolen? LOL.
P. Tilbury

It is my fuel cap which is lost. I did another measurement and the numbers are probably 40mm and 57mm respectively. Thank you to Mike for his help!. David.

Mike Ellsmore

Clearly, the filler neck has been changed, either complete or by surgery. Since a locking cap was available, it indicates that the unit was somewhat common when this was made. But it could be anything. If it is British, it may be another MG, but I can't remember the variations. Suggest looking at other cars in your clubs, or finding a decent parts store, if you still have any there - they seem to be a vanishing thing here!

FR Millmore

Could be the one Moss sells under "Modified Fuel Filler Neck",

Replacement locking caps are available, $32.95, but the cap in your picture doesn't seem to match the one on the web site.

Larry Wheeler

From memory, fuel caps similar to original MGA ones were fitted to ohv (some models, if not all?) Morris Oxfords. If you can find one, perhaps the filler neck should also be acquired.
Barry Bahnisch

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