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MG MGA - fuel gauge early 1500

does anyone have for sale such a fuel gauge ?

This is the version of the very early 1500. The difference are the "dots" instead of the rectangular spots on the letters "E" "1/2" and "F" for later type.



Giovanni Delicio

Your oil/temp gauge looks different as well.
Steve Gyles


I know it , but I have the oil and water gauge already new in the early style!

Even the rev-counter and speedometer are new (early style)!

The only instrument missing is the fuel gauge.

Giovanni Delicio

Please excuse me for highjacking this thread, but I would like to ask Delicio if the key/ignition lock shown in the picture is coded FA or FP?
Thank you.
James Johanski


I'm sorry, but the picture of the car is not my own car. I can't tell.

Do you need an ignition lock?

Send me a PM.


Giovanni Delicio

Hi Giovanni.

What you need to search for is the Jaeger number printed on the face.

I'm not entirely sure if but it appears from Barney site above your looking for:

FG 2530/25

Barney has a photo here but I can't read the number:

You may have to contact one of the UK gauge fixing places and ask them if they can supply a new face onto an existing more common later fuel gauge.

Hope this helps

Mark Hester

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your advise. I'll contact Barney to know more.

Giovanni Delicio

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