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MG MGA - fuel pump ground

Does the fuel pump ground to the frame (where, if so), or does it ground to one of the bolts holding the heelboard to the frame?

Thanks! George
G Goeppner

Through the fuel pipe to the bulkhead!

Forgot to fit a cable to mine, but still works fine! I think I will fit a cable to one of the pump mounting bolts.
N McGurk

"Disconnect the earth lead and the supply lead from the terminals on the pump."
WSM Sec D2 "Removing the fuel pump"
READ the F%^* Manual

There may be a B wire in the harness connecting to common earth, or it may be a separate lead to the nearby frame. There may be a Lucar connector on the pump or it may use an eyelet; some pumps have an earth boss with screw, some use one of the diaphragm screws.

FR Millmore

There is a short separate ground wire attached to the round cross member just outboard of the pump location. I'll see if I can find a photo of my pump installation for posting.
Don Carlberg

George, if you send me our email address, I'll send you a photo. I am unable to post to this bbs from my IPAD.
Don Carlberg

There is supposed to be a black, wire attached between the fuel pump body and a screw on the frame very bear by. Attach the ground wire directly to the frame, avoiding the bolt that holds the rubber mount. With original installation this same wire provides ground for the fuel gauge sending unit by way of the steel fuel pipe between tank and pump. If you connect the tank line to pump using rubber hose you then need to add a ground wire from the sending unit to frame near by.

Don, -- If you send me a picture of the fuel pump ground wire installation I will post it on my web site. -- Barney
Barney Gaylord

George and Barney, you have mail with a photo showing the location of the frame connection for the fuel pump ground wire. I think the photo was too large to post on this bbs.

Don Carlberg

Okay,here's the picture. I drew a red line around the grounding wire. The picture shows where the black wire is attached to the fuel pump body. I don't see where the other end attaches to the frame. I'm pretty sire it is attached to the forward bracket that is welded to the frame, forward from the rubber vibration isolators.
Barney Gaylord

Picture attached.

Barney Gaylord

Here is a better photo showing the fuel pump ground wire. At first glance it may appear that the wire is coming from the wiring harness. It runs from the fuel pump and passes underneath the wiring harness and attaches to the top of the heel board support bracket (bottom right hand corner of the photo).

Don Carlberg

A better photo showing the ground/frame connection point. This ground wire has been with the car as long as I have owned it (1972) and is original as far as I know.
Don Carlberg

Don Carlberg

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