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MG MGA - Garage, Nottingham UK

Hi Guys
I am in middle of a 1958 Coupe restoration (proper basket case which needed a full body rebuild etc..)
Amongst a load of bits is what I assume to be a Main Dealer plaque that was screwed to the heater bulkhead panel. It has the insciption "Supplied by Morkel & Carnill Ltd., Nottingham". Any of you heard of this ex(?) Main Dealer? I'm trying to get some history of the car.
D Jacobs

A google search of "Morkel & Carnill" turned up a few interesting web sites. Not sure the date of this advertisement, but have a look....

G Goeppner

Early to mid 60s I would think
P D Camp

The advert can't be earlier than 1968, which is when British Leyland was formed. The car model was sold into he 1970s
dominic clancy

Interesting ... the ad says "new Riley Kestrel".

Wiki (never wrong) says "At the end of May 1967, BMC announced the fitting of a larger 1275 cc engine to the MG, Riley Kestrel, Vanden Plas and Wolseley variants.


Mark II versions of the MG, Riley, Vanden Plas and Wolseley were introduced in October 1968, at which time Riley abandoned the Kestrel name."

Geoff Ev

The car may have been launched earlier, but the advert has the BL logo, so cannot be from earlier than 1968. The car was only built into 1969.

Morkel & Carnill Ltd. apparently went bankrupt as it was was dissolved in January 1979
dominic clancy

According to A-Z of British Cars by Graham Robson the Riley Kestrel became the plain Riley 1300 MkII in September 1968. So, unless they were using an out of date advert that narrows the date to mid 1968.

Malcolm Asquith

Note the slogan ... M and C for B.M.C. - British Leyland can't have been around long.

There was only one Morkel in the 1911 census - he was born in Germany and made "Automatic Pianos". Carnill was almost exclusively a Notts name.
Geoff Ev

Nothing to do with the thrust of this thread, but my Dad had the Austin version, an 1100. The day I passed my test in August 1964 he told me to take it out round the block and I nearly crashed it. Great car though. Loved it.

Steve Gyles

Thanks Guys for your reponses.
I have since learned that the Morkel & Carnhill company went into liquidation some time ago, so I guess there's going to be no way of tracing the car's background through that avenue.
D Jacobs

With a surname of Jacobs David you should have looked for an ex Dick Jacobs MGA to restore.

Many of his MGA's were sold with Dash Plaques, I've seen about five plus examples on my travels.

Mark Hester

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