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MG MGA - Hood safety catch

I don't think I got this right! See pic. The Moss catalogue shows the hook pointing backwards, which is , how I have it but it seems to be sprung too far to catch the loop as it closes. (Off the car now)

Art Pearse

Gday Art, here is a photo on car. Bob

B Walker

The hook has to point forward. The Moss catalog illustration is wrong, as it has been copied from the Service Parts List which has always been "ambiguous".

The problem originates with the Technical Illustrators who drew the original illustrations nearly 60 years ago. They are (were) great cartoonists who could draw slick pictorial illustrations of the parts, well enough to identify the parts for purpose of ordering replacements. The illustrators took great liberties in drawing things backward or out of scale as a matter of convenience for easiest way to make the illustrations. I have a web page showing a growing list of drawing errors. This is another one I need to add to the list.

Meanwhile see here photos and note here:
Barney Gaylord

Thanks guys. I must make more notes when I dismantle. Except all that is done and I'm in assembly mode!
Art Pearse

Make sure the bonnet catch (the one in the middle of the car ) is working correctly, and make any adjustments BEFORE you fit the grill. It is almost impossible to release a stuck bonnet catch from under the car or from the front of the car, once the grill is bolted in. And you can't remove the grill with the bonnet stuck closed.
A car at GT37 in Dayton this year had to have a grill slat cut off to release a stuck bonnet catch.
P. Tilbury

Thanks Peter. I will do that (when I get round to that bit.)
Art Pearse

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