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MG MGA - Judson SU conversion

Well I finally got to the point of a tour around the block this morning.

It looks fine, and goes well enough considering I still have to set the timing again and tune the carb correctly. The drawing for the manifold will appear on my site in the next few days with a write-up of how everything is set up and all the bits required in addition to the manifold. Too cold here this morning to do any more so off to a wine-tasting fair instead!

dominic clancy


How about I join you again for wine or beer on the Rhine River. It sounds good to me!!!!!! Keep us informed about how the project goes.

Dominic..good to hear and I look forward to seeing the design and layout. Would also be interested to know what needle you are using and what max boost pressure is being put out by the Judson. I have found the SU excellent and economy as good as before putting the Judson in..performance is much improved but boost pressure max is only 3psi and I wonder whether I need a reduced size pulley to speed the unit up a little.
Neil Ferguson


I'll mail you the write-up and drawing so you can add comments and edits before it goes public.

I'm using the same BBA needle as you. After doing an exhaustive (and I mean comparing the BBA to every single other needle on the minty lamb site) it is clearly the one to use.

On the pulley size, i'll have to get one of my gauges working again to know what the boost pressure is, but when it did work, the boost was around 6 lbs. Still a bit to do with fine tuning, and I need to take some photos.......
dominic clancy


What I missed that day was the HUGE oldtimer event 50km up the river....

If you want to join us we are going this year as a group 14. - 16. June 2013

It's in the same town where the old Zeppelin manufacturing base was - apparently there's a Museum too.
dominic clancy

I did the write up and the photos, so it's all available here for anyone interested
dominic clancy

i also have more of the Judson promo leaflets, so if anyone wants a high quality repro, please drop me a note

dominic clancy

Read your write-up Dominic...makes me wish I had a Judson to install!
Gene Gillam

How do I obtain your manifold. Put me down for one as you stated you needed 3 at a time to be ordered. Also send your reply to my email at
Jeff Becker

Hi Jeff

I only need one at a time, but with Swiss labour rates, you could probably get one made locally much cheaper - it isn't at all complicated to make, and that's why I have put all the details into a how-to.

dominic clancy

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