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MG MGA - just off to be painted

after 3 years body is now back to how it was when raced in 1959 just paint and refit to do

r skinner

Wow! that looks amazing!

More pictures and more details about the car, the rebuild and its' history please?
N McGurk

Lovely smiley dolphin face. Keep the photos coming in of the refit. What type of windscreen does it have?

Steve Gyles

11 july 1959 Goodwood

r skinner

Totally stunning, that's a lot of body work to do and it looks amazing. Congratulations.

Andy Preston

Does it have the Twin Cam engine?

M F Anderson

Yes it is a twincam
Body is now painted and will post more pictures soon

r skinner

body back from paint now the re-fit starts

r skinner

Super. Keep the pictures rolling in for us to enjoy.

Steve Gyles

Wow - it's looking really good - and I like the choice of Black too ( or is it Dark green?). What is the history of this special body? - it must be unique as I have not seen one before.
Cam Cunningham

Amazing, would love to hear more!
Larry Wheeler


I've now got a chassis that looks like yours, only mine isn't a TC. I am painting my body black as well, red interior and a grey tonneau/ hood.
A restorer's work is never done.


B Bridgens

I was looking over your picture and noticed the air cleaners are the same type I had at one time. Those filters are quite flat,preventing enough air to flow into the engine. I changed over to K & N's and got an improvement in exceleration. Where the gap in yours is about 3/4 inch the K & Ns are 1 1/4 inch.

Ray Ammeter

Hi Ray

Thanks for the info, I will need to start saving 120 a pair here.

B Bridgens

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