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MG MGA - Master Cylinder Cover Extension

During a chat with another MGA owner today I discovered that my master cylinder should have the extension cover to create greater fluid volume (I have a Mk 2).
How much of a reality is the likelihood of running out of fluid if I keep it as it is (with a flat top)?
In view of recent threads about the quality of the extension cover, can anyone suggest a supplier that may have one that actually fits? I see Moss is cheaper than most - any comment on quality?

Graeme Williams

Got mine from Brown & Gammons ten years ago. Made my own cork gasket. No problems whatsoever. The car came with a 1500 flat cover but I had no problems with that also. I only changed for originality..................Mike
m.j. moore

As drum brake shoes wear you adjust the shoes. As disc brake pads wear the fluid level drops, which is why it wants the larger reservoir.

The smaller reservoir works as long as you check the fluid level occasionally and top it up as the pads wear. Before installing new pads you have to remove some fluid from the reservoir so it won't overflow as you push the caliper pistons back in the bores.
Barney Gaylord

My 1600 should have the reservoir extension fitted but I have never gotten around to it.

I have gone through 3 sets of brake pads over the last 8 years and never had a problem with fluid overflowing brake fluid when I changed them.

So it is still on my to-do list, but it's nowhere near the top of it.
Colyn Firth

at least that's a spare you don't need to carry Colyn :-)
Graeme Williams Barney and Colyn state.

I converted to front discs with my 1500. Ran fine on flat top. I eventually fitted a repro extension, supplied by Bob West who I believe bought them from a local supplier. Very poor moulding, particularly the threaded filler neck. Took the first one back and went through Bob's stock to find one with an acceptable thread.. I then had to grind the mating face to get a leak free fit. Working ok now. That was about 8 years ago so I guess quality has since improved.

Steve Gyles

One I received recently from Leacy was unusable because it was cast too narrow and all the holes don't line up

Suggest David Manners as an alternative
dominic clancy

THe Moss one is a good price but I wonder about the quality. Now I am aware of the issues running without the additional capacity I will monitor it and see if it is manageable.
Graeme Williams

Cecelia at Scarbofair has reproduced these tops. Contact her for it. her information is in the archives. She is in Rode Island in the USA.

Thanks Jeff but buying from the States is not ideal because of high delivery and tax penalties (yes, I guess you get that buying the other way round too).
Graeme Williams

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