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MG MGA - MG Factory Tour ??

Wondering if there is a bus tour or such of the legacy of our beloved MG Company. Looking to go to England (from the USA) and would love to see the sites and learn more.

I have just emailed my contact at the MG Car Club who reside at Kimber House just round the corner from the old factory. I will report back.

Steve Gyles

I got a quick response from the MG Car Club.

If you would like to contact them they can offer the “Abingdon Experience”.

e-mail Chris Seward at the MGCC: chris at


Steve Gyles

Larry - when you going? Good deal?

Congrats - I hope you love it. Too bad you can't take your own car...but maybe they'll let you drive on of theirs!

AJ Mail

Thank you for the quick response.

Not sure of the timing of this trip.
The last thing I want to do is drive on the "other" side of the road.
Could be ugly.

You mean you don't want to feel what its like to drive on the 'proper' side of the road? It's nice!
Lindsay Sampford

I did a Google map of UK MG sites/events -

and MGCC have a leaflet 'An MG Guide to Abingdon and Oxford' which you can download as a pdf file -

David Wardell

Back out of hibernation!
The link to the MG Guide doesn't quite work - you need to replace each "%20" with a space so the end part of the address should be "tourist leaflet 4.pdf".

g Victors

Hi, Larry--

The "Abingdon Experience" is so yesterday! Head off to Lingang, outside Shanghai, to experience the real deal. "Making MG great again," as SAIC intones.


Ken Korey

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