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MG MGA - MGA 1955-56 omn Pathe News

I guess a number of you may I have seen this. The link comes from a thread on the Y Type Bulletin Board.
It highlights the Sports Car of the Year 1955-56 featuring the MGA

I thought a few of you may enjoy it!
Apologies for typo in the title!

All the best


Looks like a local jobbing fitters shop..when I see this it reminds me of my time in various British manufacteurers back in 60s. When items came together for assembley nothing fitted together so along came the 'fitter, with his podging bars and other tackle to line up all the holes and drop the bolts in..and god help the poor git who took the bolt out ......
Neil Ferguson

Excellent bit of film.

Sadly the Abingdon workforce were still working in the same mannner 20 years later and were asked to compete with the modern German and Japanese factories of the time!!
Can you believe it they were less efficient. I was staggered!!!
Bob Turbo Midget England

Great bit of film, but where are the MGAs?
N McGurk

Neil, do a search for BMC on the Pathe website. Several results will show up, look for BMC Ladies First 1956, a documentary on the 1956 Alpine Rally. Some nice MGA footage in that movie.
G Goeppner

I liked that so much I bought the CD! (or was it a tape cassette even -remember those?) It also has the "flying carpet" advert for the MG 1100/1300 - wonderful...
N McGurk

Here's another one from the Y Bulletin Board. Although no MGA's its a TD in fact but the street scenes are well worth a look - was it really like that!


Here's the link to Sports Car of the Year clip referred to in the original post - if you can put up with the received English of the commentator.
Cam Cunningham

I can remember those street Scenes I was a (young) commercial traveller in London in 1958-1964 and London was like that- most of the cars were either Fords or BMC its hard to remember that BMC was the third largest car maker in the world after GM and Ford. I was driving a company Austin Cambridge then and MGAs were only a dream!!! In the mid 60s the first japanese car appeared on the scene if I remember it was a small Honda?
P D Camp

Interesting comment Paul. Though I was intrigued by your job title 'Commercial Traveller'. Whilst I am well aware of it, it is a fitting description which you rarely hear used in these times when folk overegg their job titles somewhat!

Thouigh I would agree with Cam's note on the 'perceived English' I read recently that overseas listeners of BBC Radio are being put off in droves by regiobal English accents! The BBC being very PC of course.

Hope all your A's are running well. Having just fitted a new battery I was dissapointed to find that it failed to do more than groan in trying to turn over the engine. Annoying as all the contacts are properly tightened etc. So it's back to the supplier to establish if it's duff - or whether I have the problem!


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