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MG MGA - MGA Coupe Door Seal Retainer Strip

I'm restoring a 57 MGA Coupe and need the right side door seal retainer strip. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one? I have the one for the left side but the one on the right was missing when I bought my car.

JL Cheatham

It might be worth trying these people: They do MGB seal retainers in stainless steel which might be adaptable with a bit of careful bending, or, as they say "WE HAVE BEEN MANUFACTURERS FOR THE PAST TWENTY YEARS OF BRIGHT TRIM PRODUCTS" they might even be able to make you one or a pair if you get in touch with them.
Lindsay Sampford

mgb ones cannotbe adapted, they are too tall to fit to the sill
dominic clancy

you might try

I got a used one some years ago from SF
John DeWolf

I was sure I had an old one of these left and today, finally, I found it. Unfortunately, it too is a left side!
Neil MG


I have been looking for a LHs one for a while, please email me.

dominic clancy

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