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MG MGA - MGA Vandenplas HT

There has been past discussion on the possibility of replicating the VP aluminum HT in FRP composite for offer to the general public. Most of the discussion has revolved around individual preferences for color, level of supply (bare shell, unfinished paint, complete kit and complete top). It is impossible to reproduce the top exactly as original as certain items are no longer available. Additionally, to reproduce the top and attempt to duplicate minor details such as the profile of the rubber rear window molding and the stainless side window perimeter trim would prove to be excessive.
I have completed my costing exercise and know that a top could be commercially produced that would look like the VP top in shape and and size and that the rear window and all hardware would mimic the orginal in look and function.
I have acquired a top and know that restoring it will cost about $3000, but it will be the highest standard and an exact restoration (the headliner will be slightly different, but close, as supplied by Scarborough).
So here it is--No more than $3500 plus shipping. At this price is there any interest? It would take an initial buy of 10 to interest a possible producer.
Any takers out there for a group buy?
James Johanski

Gary Lock took a piece of window seal from me earlier in the year, and was intending to have a batch made - so you could perhaps contact him and see if he got anywhere with it
dominic clancy

Dominic/ far no luck with getting anyone interested in the rear Hard top to body rubber. James, if you meant the rear window surround, then these are available from MacGregors in Canada. re runs of special pieces, it seems as a minimum of 100m is required!
Gary Lock

I just painted my house and repaired the roof - so I am "out" for the rest of this year, but in general, yes - I would be interested. Esp. if there was a down-payment option with a waiting period of at least six months.

If I win the lottery, I'll be "in" sooner - or even willing to underwrite part of the whole affair, as I applaud the effort.

I take it that it would cost as much to reproduce any style hard top, so you might as well go for the VDP style...or could you do some other style for less? Didn't anyone make a good aftermarket hard top without a headliner that would cost, say, $2000 to reproduce?

I'll have to go read up at Barney's site for a bit I guess.

AJ Mail
has a cheap top, $560 including 20% sales tax that is not due on non EU orders.

Maybe they would be a cheaper manufacturer for this project
dominic clancy

Dominic..I bought one of these 'honeybourne'units 3 years ago and had it shipped to Oz. They looked good in the picture. It still hangs on my garage wall. They are very poorly made, fittings cheap and nasty and it did not fit. When I say the latter I mean REALLY did not fit. Shape and dimensions were nowhere close and when I appealed for help they told me I had to take all the seals and perspex out and retrim it to suit. I know mgas vary in shape somewaht but this was something else. Awful and to be avoided. I will get around to it sometime but it will be a major piece of work....
Neil Ferguson

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