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MG MGA - Need help with light switch

I am replacing the switches in the dash of my 59 mga coupe. The new light switch does not state witch terminal is which as the old one did. How can I determine where to attach the wires?
Bud W
S.A. White

Just look at the old one - the new ones are electrically the same, so the terminals are all in the same place

What's wrong with the old one? if it is just flickering because the contacts are loose, follow the instructions on Barney's site to adjust the switch and it will be as good as new. I had a new one, which burned out, and I dug the old one out, did as instructed by the guru, and it has been working perfectly ever since.
dominic clancy

I don't know how to fix a faulty light switch. When my original one fll apart (when 50 years old in 2007), it would not stay together when reassembled. So I bought a new one from Moss, which is nowhere near as good quality as the original one.

For terminal designations see here:

For the differences between original an new see here:
Barney Gaylord

Light not working..Will send over 500 Chinese to fix the problem.Cos,many Hans make light work.OK OK so it's old and intellectual.
M Blencowe

Thanks for the help regarding the light switch.All the switches were bad when I bought the coupe. They were rusted and frozen. The plastic pulls were crumbling and falling away. I decided it would be best to replace than try and fix.

On a second note I remember reading some time back about reprinting the letters on the pulls. I cannot find and don't remember the process. The new switches came lettered but it faded away with me just installing the pulls. Does anyone remember the process that was discussed.
Thanks for all the help
Bud W.
S.A. White

All my switches have faded. For my safety test I put sticky labels on the dash for the mechanic!
But I would be interested in how to re-paint them
Art Pearse

The pulls have engraved letters. I have re-freshed mine by cleaning and polishing the pulls, then using white correction fluid paint the letters. I was a bit sloppy in doing this, but not bad. When the correction fluid dries I used my fingernail to scrape off excess paint, just leaving the paint in the engraving. If you mess up , just clean them up again and do over.
C.R. Tyrell

I found that the new light switch I fitted last year lasted all of three "pulls" before it crumbled and fell apart!

You are better off either repairing your original or finding an original secondhand part..
Howard Rose

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