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Hi all

I have finally split my car jack databases from my MGA website. This is the address for all who use my car jack data:

The data on my will remain for a while but will no longer be updated. I will be placing redirection notes in strategic places.

Steve Gyles

Glad you are not jacking it in, Steve.


I get so many emails a week thanking me for the data that I don't have the heart to give it up. Currently I spend more than 15 hours a week on it and have to deal with about 150 emails. Very time consuming and costly.

Steve Gyles

You deserve a medal Steve, having unwittingly become THE global classic car jack expert.

Your database has probably helped fuel the global economy by boosting the used jack trade.

Note the reference to your site on the ad!
Neil MG

You chose a good advert there Neil. I had wondered why the price of that LJ225 jack in its two stage winder form (for the Morris Mini) had been going for up to 500 on Ebay. It turns out that the vendor of that subject jack on Ebay is converting them to 3-stage winders, adding the cube and selling them as early E-Type examples. He originally asked 2500 for that jack.

By the way, did you avoid the floods?

Steve Gyles

My word, is there no low that vendors will rise to? Where are 'the screws' when you need them? Glad you have 'a handle' on this Steve! Just remember, you read it here first.


PS: A pic of my Shelley's. I think they are all on Steve's site.

M Magilton

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