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MG MGA - New MGA T-shirt

I've organised with Retro Clothing in the UK for a T-shirt featuring and MGA with a model...fantastic. You can check it out on their website
Gary Lock

That is a neat t shirt Gary, great artwork on it.

I can get away with the mga on it and it should be easy to convince my wife Chris that every time I look at the girl leaning on it, l think of her.
Yeah Right!

Colyn :-)
c firth

Very nice but there is no way I would be allowed to wear it - for two reasons!
Firstly it isn't a Mk2, and secondly it isn't technically correct. I don't think hold-up were around in 1960, let alone with lace tops.
Graeme Williams

Trust you to be one of those Concours/Purist types Graeme! :-)

I seem to find her leg wear strangely appealing, so I must be more of an "Impurist"

c firth

I brought this one out on breakdown duty in Hungary in the summer. It went down well when others twigged the design

But Gary's is a fine one, how does Anita like it? And where do the orders go?

dominic clancy

Great Logo Dominic, no words needed on it at all.

c firth

Nice design Gary, ordered one for myself and XXL for Derek, not yet one for Yani!

DRP Wallace

Dominic, just order direct with Retro Classic Clothing.
Gary Lock

Is the girl bigger on XXL? Sorry, CAR bigger!
Graeme Williams

Whilst I really like the MGA design, Im not particularly a T-Shirt fan as firstly, Im not exactly "ripped" and therefore "baggy is best".

Secondly, Im particularly prone to being sun burnt and therefore I find polo shirts better as raising the collar helps keep the sun off my neck.

I contacted Retro Classic to ask about Polo Shirts and they can actually supply them. So I may well order one, depending on the price.

c firth

You say that there is a car in that picture, I have not found it yet!
JP Jim

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