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MG MGA - New to the MGA side 2

Hi again:
For interest here is a pix of my TF

John Crawley

It's Red and it has wire wheels. Was this an early version of your dream?

George Raham [TD4224]

What a great story. I had a similar event at age 16, not with an MG however, but an event that took me down the old car road and has impacted on my life in so many ways. I still have the car from that time.

I think I would ‘decree’ that your new A was the car you drove when 16 and the circle is complete, and let anyone who disagrees disprove it. Lol.

You certainly have an impressive collection and it seems you have retained your lady as well, not always an easy task when assembling a collection. I especially like the nicely optioned TF. What is the ‘light’ on the scuttle and is there another on the other side? Is the colour from the photo an accurate representation of the colour and what colour is it?

Regarding your remark that the A only needs a tiny bit of work. I suspect this is an understatement and wonder if you can post some photos of what your starting with.

Anyway John, good luck with it, linking with this forum will help you so much. Whilst not able to contribute much new myself I am constantly amazed with the depth and breadth of experience and willingness to assist meaningfully of the people on this forum.

John McMaster

Hi John:
Thanks to you (and the others who welcomed me to the MGA group) for your kind words. I particularly like your notion to decree it the same car that I drove so long ago. :-)

Yes, I have retained my first wife - 45th anniversary yesterday - I also have my first British Sports car, a MkII Sprite that I bought new in 1963.

The light is a pillar-mount Raydoyt movable spotlight (some English chaps call it a Snipe hunting light). I adapted it to fit on the scuttle since it interfered with the rear-view mirror when on the pillar. I only have one since I think that two is just too much "bling".
The TF colour is a close match to MG Autumn Red - the pix shows it close to actual but perhaps a shade dark.

I just got the MGA home and have not had time to go over it really well but it is a fairly solid car - needs new rockers installed(they came with it). The frame is sound as is the trunk fender-wells and fenders. Small bit of rust on the bottom of the front fenders but repair panels were also with it. Bonnet in excellent shape, boot lid is dented and drilled, doors sound but dented. The nose is very rough but it came with a spare that is better. The interior is gutted and the dash is a bit of a mess with all instruments required.
Windshield frame freshly chromed but missing pillars. Grill and bumpers missing.
Power-train is all there and engine turns over. I have a spare done-to-the nuts rebuilt 1800 hanging on the engine-stand and an overdrive transmission so am considering using them in the A . . . what thoughts do you folks have about this?

Anyway more as I get into it.

Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

There's some stuff about fitting a different gearboxes here

It's important with the B O/D conversion to chop the chassis to avoid having too steep an angle on the driveshaft. It's apparently a tricky swap.

You will also find all the manuals you need here

And then there is
dominic clancy

Thanks Dominic . . . that's a good start. Of course I am a long way from installation yet but one must plan ahead, Right?

John Crawley

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