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MG MGA - New Wiew Wheels

I need to purchase a set of new wire wheels for my 1956 roadster. Unsure which to buy. i am thinking of the tubeless wire wheel from Moss. Any recommendations?
Terry Marcus

More certain than Trump knows nothing of science is that you should get away from wire wheels particularly shiny chrome and go for Centre Lock alloy MiniLite style copies.
Nigel Atkins

The Moss wheels are high quality, manufactured by MWS. They are the original style. Dayton also sells nice wheels although for the concourse crowd they aren't quite as accurate to original.

Personally I'm not a fan of tubeless wire wheels but they do work. But if the sealant is damaged then they will leak. Also of you need to straighten a wheel, it's possible to damage the seal. There are advantages and disadvantages to both tubed and tubeless styles.

Some people like to "upgrade" to 60-spoke wheels for added strength, but 48 is original. Just be sure to check the condition of the hub splines. If they are worn, they must be replaced, both for safety and to keep them from ruining the splines on your new wheels. On my A, I wanted the original 48-spoke look but for added strength I had a custom set made up with heavy duty spokes and a 4.5" rim. You can't tell the difference by looking at them but they have been durable, and the wider rim improves tire stiffness.
Steve Simmons

I have 60-spoke chrome wire wheels from Moss and am very happy with them. They are tubeless and hold the air very well.

JL Cheatham

Moss wheels (LBCar Co) are great! Got new 60 spoke chromes a year ago. Tubeless.
Art Pearse

I put 60 spoke painted wires on mine 2 years ago - they are tubeless from MGOC - all is good so far - no leaks at all.
Cam Cunningham

I have Dayton 72 spoke chrome tubeless wire wheels on a B/GT &an A.....about 10 years for B and 5 years for A .......I have not had a single problem.
Thomas Koch

I bought a set of painted, tubeless, 60 spoke wires from Moss last summer. An excellent buy, and they really make the car look good......
John Stephens

As someone who put a brand new set of 48 spoke wires on my A when it was restored only to have one collapse on the highway, I am a big fan of 60 spoke if you are using radial tires. The 48s were ok with the old bias ply but don't stand up well with the side load of radials.
Keith Lowman

To elaborate on my setup, I ordered a set of Dayton "maintenance free" 48-spoke wheels. They're built with heavy duty spokes, and guaranteed to not come out of true. I drive the car pretty hard at times, and have managed to throw one slightly out but the other three have stayed perfectly straight. That's with 165R14 tires on 4.5" rims. The standard 48-spoke wheels would be fine for normal driving but for spirited driving I'd recommend either heavy duty or 60 spoke. I do really love the look of the 48, which is why I went the route I did.
Steve Simmons

Forget about using alloy knock offs. They increase unsprung weight due to the heavy adaptor they bolt onto and can be detrimental to handling.

I always advise the 60 spoke wires as being significantly superior to the original 48s, which won't take really spirited driving. 72s are great but look a bit busy on cars that originally had 48s.

It is imperative that you honestly assess spline condition on your hubs so that you don't wear out your new wheels prematurely. The time to replace them is when you are buying new wheels, if you are in any doubt at all about condition. See Barney's site for the assessment guidelines.

I have never had any issues with tubeless wires, BTW.
Bill Spohn

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