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MG MGA - On the road...... at long last!

I have spent three long ardous years I have managed to put the car back on the road after a complete nut and bolt restoration. The car was originally a south african ckd and was brought to the UK in 1992 where she spent the last twenty years in Devon and was owned by a certain David Hannah. I shipped it to Malta and after some time running about I felt that the previous restoration was not up to the standard that this car deserves. Hence three years of chasing my brother in law who is a qualified sheet metal worker, but who did a very good job for me. My dream would not have come true had it not been for the continuous support and advise of our friend Frans Camilleri who is also a regular contributor on this sight. I also found all the daily threads very helpful. Last but not least I must say a big thank you to Barney Gaylord whose sight I have referred to for every job I did.

c vassallo

Congrats! Look really nice!
G T Foster

Congratulations, it's got to be fantastically difficult restoring a car on an Island like Malta.
David Werblow

That looks really beautiful...can you post more photos??
Neil Ferguson

Yes it is quite difficult to complete such a restoration as we need to get the parts from the UK and as you all kn ow very well this is a never ending process besides the additional cost. I have tried to upload some other pictures but did not but I will try again.

c vassallo

another photo

c vassallo

Lovely MGA super restoration Rex
Rex Thompson

Absolutely beautiful! Well done! Are there many classic cars in Malta?
N McGurk

Beautifully done!! Congratulations! Inspiring!
Well done,
Russ Carnes

I feel very flattered with your nice comments and for which I thank you. It is very difficult to complete such a restoration locally in view of the lack of availability of spares but there a number of very capable panel beaters . The problem is that you can never get a time and cost estimate , obviously in view of the hours involved.
Yesterday I took her for a spin, the car not the wife! and she performed well.
c vassallo

Looks great! You've done a fine job.
Mike Parker

Hi Charles,

didn't I tell you that your car is the best restored MGA on the island. Quite a few people here seem to agree with me. Well done my friend, you have a beauty. Let's get them out and go for a few spins together.

F. Camilleri

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