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MG MGA - Parts to the Hood Latch Assembly

I finally need to install my hood latch but I am missing 2 critical parts. I have highlighted the parts with arrows in the attached picture.

1) Does anyone have parts they are willing to sell?

2) Can these parts be "made" by a do-it-yourselfer?

gerard hutchinson

I have a complete set of bonnet latch parts. Just hate to break up the set.
Barney Gaylord

Not difficult to fabricate by the look of it.
Art Pearse

Check with Todd Clarke -- I think he may make these.
Barry Gannon

These parts are available new from Somerford Mini in UK.
These parts were common to a few British cars, especially the early Minis.
Gary Lock

That address is:

M F Anderson

Scarborough Faire has some used parts. Give them a call.
Chuck Schaefer

Gerald, I should have both pieces you need off of a spare bonnet and nose section I bought for my car. I'll take a look this weekend.
In KC so shipping will be low cost.
B Young

@ B Young,
Excellent! How much do you want for the parts? Feel free to email me anytime as I will be working on the car this weekend!

@ Barney,
I understand not wanting to break up the set. How much do you want for the whole assembly?

@ Art,
I agree with you but I'm not confident that what I fabricate with work properly!!
gerard hutchinson

G. I believe I have those parts. They are the same as an Austin Healey. Will look in parts boxes tomorrow. Bob
R.AF. Robert Finucane

Hey guys, is the assembly of the three parts that attach to the hood latch bar correct as shown in the image posted by Gerard?

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

Yes But:
The drawing only shows 1 bolt and spacer, there are 2 of each. The top piece is above the body cross part and the other 2 are below it.

R J Brown

My apologies Gerald, forgot to check last week. I'll send myself a note right now as a reminder.
B Young

Gerald, I looked last night, weren't where I remembered but that's nothing new. I'll check in some storage boxes this weekend.
B Young

Sorry Gerald, I found the slider and the linkage, but not the two pieces you need.
B Young

Gerald: If you still have a need, I have both of those parts, including the two spacers needed for the bottom piece.
D.M. MacDonald

Don, I am definitely still in need! Please feel free to email me directly at and let me know how much you are asking.

Thank you!

gerard hutchinson

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