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MG MGA - Rear hub nut socket

MGA/MGB Churchill 18G152 rear hub nut socket for sale on ebay, not cheap but the correct one 125,+P&P finishes today a 13.02.
Andy Tilney

That was worth a look just to see that ALL of the sockets that are currently sold for this application are wrong. 8^P

D Rawlins

Del Can you please tell me why this 18G152 rear hub nut socket is wrong ,A.T
Andy Tilney

I suppose he means that everything sold as current replacement parts (tools) is wrong, not like the original tool. If you want the original type tool, you have to buy a used one.

Gotta admit though, that center pilot guide pin is a really good idea.

Gotta admit though, that center pilot guide pin is a really good idea, Yes Barney it is, that's because its the original factory tool from Churchill, the one issued to all the MG main dealers by the factory,
Andy Tilney

Yeah, what Barney said. My dad had a rear hub nut socket with a guide pin like that for his pickup truck and it worked really well. Wish I still had it since I still have the truck.

D Rawlins

There is a what looks like a very good copy of original on a well known auction site ( search item 263281646868 )
for only 40 !!
A J Dee

It seems that Brown & Gammons are now producing a socket

Dave O'Neill 2

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