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MG MGA - Rechrome emergency brake.

Has anyone had their emergency brake handle rechromed and if so what did you do if anything about removing the black bakelite grip? Thanks and have a good day!

John Progess

Mine slid off although it was quite tight. It doesn't appear to be bakelite, as it is not brittle. If I remember correctly I used an open ended spanner as the drift and it didn't do any damage or even leave a mark.
N McGurk

John, I had my handle replated recently along with the knob and the circular bush housing. I decided to paint the ratchet plate, pawl and outer housing as they were a bit pitted. I don't recall any problem in removing the handle. I got a new grip from Todd Clarke which seems to be made from a rubbery plastic but it looks good.

But for the postage cost from here I would have used Todd's rebuilding service for the brake which is $135 and includes all the plating required plus new knob, grip and some brackets. That sounds like a good deal to me as I payed 70 for the plating of my three bits!...............Mike
m.j. moore

I bought a new one complete for just under 56 (inc delivery) from here:

Bit more now (81.49 delivered UK)on BIN, but mine was on auction starting at 49.99 and I was the only bidder.

Anyway I am quite impressed with the quality, particularly the chrome, which is (unusual on repro. parts) exceptional. The plastic handle was a little matt, but responded very well to a machine polish and the mechanism needed to be removed and greased (completely dry) to give a smooth operation.

I only bought one because it was cheaper than rechroming and my expectations were not high so I was very happy. I think that even at the current BIN price they represent good value...
N McGurk


I removed the black grip by freezing the handle first and it then came off quite easliy by pulling with a cloth covered hand. I did not want to use any hard tools on it in case I damaged it. I first tried heating it in hot water because I assumed that the bakelite would expand more than the steel handle. However, it would not come loose at all that way. I tried freezing it in a domestic freezer and that seemed to help a lot although it did not come off in one go. I recall it was much easier putting it back on after replating.

John Francis

Getting in a bit late on this, Thanksgiving interruption...
I used a heat gun on my hand grip. It came off quite easily. Believe I put the new one on the same way. I had the handle and button chromed and had the ratchet done at a commercial plating house locally.
G T Foster

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