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MG MGA - Revotec fan behandlas the radiator

Is it possible to install 10" Revotec fan behind the radiator on a MGA1600 Mk1 with an 18V engine and no engine fan?
Best regards
T Dahlberg

Hi Anders

I did try to fit a 9" Revotec fan behind the radiator on my MGA but the fan pulley nut is just too close to the radiator to allow it.

It is possible to move the radiator forwards by about 10mm but if you space it any further forwards, it will probably sit too high and may prevent the bonnet from closing.

If you plan on leaving the engine driven fan in place then the Revotec will work fine in front of the radiator.

If you need any more information on running the car without the engine driven fan and using either a single or twin electric fans instead, email me and I can let you know how they worked out on my car.

c firth

Sorry Anders, I forgot to select the "show email" button.

Also I have attached a picture of the Revotec 9" fan next to the twin 8" fans I have fitted now.


c firth

Hi Colyn,
Thanks for your advice. I Believe that I leave the engine fan as it is and put the 10" Revotec fan in front of the radiator as you suggest.
The car is in pieces right now so I can't see if it is tight between the pulley nut and the fan. Do you know if the engine fan in metal is more or less efficient than the plastic one?
T Dahlberg


If you have a standard MGA spec radiator and intend retaining your original fan then, in my opinion, you are wasting your time and money fitting an additional fan. Your climate is probably no hotter than here in the UK, so an original set-up will cope quite happily with an 1800 engine. My 1800v does. 175 Fahrenheit all day - standard spec radiator and metal 6-blade fan.

Steve Gyles

Plastic fans do move more air.

The 6-blade plastic fan from NTG sounds like a London bus when wound up.

The 7-blade plastic fan from Moss Motors is much quieter, maybe even quieter than the original steel fan.

The plastic fan was a bit larger diameter, so I had to trim my fan shroud a bit on one side. After 10 weeks it threw a blade (cause unknown). Looked like the first broken blade caused a second broken blade. I did not notice any noise when it happened, it did not cause any other damage, and I found the two blades lying in the engine bay.
I drove it like that for a month before installing another plastic fan (which has been doing well for another 4-months. The broken fan was not noticeably out of balance (no vibration) and five plastic blades would probably move as much air as the original 6-blade steel fan.
Barney Gaylord

Anders, if you intend keeping the standard engine fan in place then I would try that on its own, like Steve advises, before you try anything else.

If you find that when your car is finished, your engine runs at 175 degrees like Steves, then you dont need it to run any cooler than that and I would advise you to just keep with the standard fan.

For your information, fitting either a Moss 7 blade plastic fan or an NTG 6 blade plastic fan will drop your average engine temperature by approx 10 degrees.

c firth

Hi all,

Well I don't think mentioning that I have a Moss Supercharger on the shelf. I thought that it could need a little extra airflow under the bonnet!
Thats one reason for considering an extra fan.
From the beginning I was thinking of having only a electric fan, and no engine fan at all!
But with the fan in front of the radiator as a blower fan, perhaps it is better to have them both.
Or am I thinking wrong?
T Dahlberg

Dominic Clancy in Switzerland will tell you that his supercharged MGA is cooled perfectly well with a standard MGA engine driven fan. His engine runs most of the time at 175 degrees F.

So I still think that you should try out a standard fan (or maybe a plastic) fan first and see how it works out.

I tried using only a single 9" Revotec fan on my mildly tuned 1850cc MGB engine (without an engine driven fan) but it didnt really control the temperature too well. It ran over 200 degrees in traffic and I wasnt really happy with it.
(I think it works ok though on an engine in standard tune)

I swapped the single 9" fan over a year ago for two 8" fans and these seem to be working well.

I only switched to these electric fans to see if it would release a little bit of extra bhp that was being used up by the standard fan.

I would think though that with your supercharger, you should have power to spare and so you may well not have to worry about this.

c firth

I am running a Moss supercharger on a stock 1500 with the plastic 7-blade fan also from Moss. Works fine. My original metal fan had some loose rivets and started to wobble or else I would have left it alone. Radiator is a replacement.

Barney set me straight on my "overheating" issue several years ago (thank you!). A fuel mixture and a timing adjustment later the problem "mysteriously" disappeared. Now I run in bumper to bumper traffic with an occasional elevated temp, but nary an overheat.
Tommy Baker

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