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MG MGA - RHD Coupe dashboard wanted

I thought I'd see if anyone has an extra dash before I go off to the welding shop. I'm willing to pay an arm and a leg (make that just an arm). Please let me know if you have one....Dennis
Dennis Suski

Hi Dennis, If you can't find one your side of the pond, then I have one sat in the roof ofmy garage. Not sure how much carrige would be. Dave
DM Gibson

I think that Bob West should have some over here in the UK.
How do I know?
I let him have two RHD coupe dashboards as part trade when I bought my roadster from him a couple of years ago and I seem to recall he had a few in stock.

Worth a try if you cant get one in the USA

Colyn Firth

Thanks guys,

I expected that the dashes would have to come from an RHD country. Dave, please email my verizon account if you want to part with yours; I'm sure we can come to an agreement. If you want to hold on to it, I can call Bob West.

Regards, Dennis
Dennis Suski

RHD Roadster dashboards are now being made in the UK. They are advertised on our Ebay for 200. The advert says a roadster dashboard can be converted to a Coupe. I am not an expert, so cannot comment.

Steve Gyles

Hi dennis, I have tried e mailing you but e mails keep bouncing back! Please e mail me on david dot gibson60 at talktalk dot net
DM Gibson

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