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MG MGA - Rootes Supercharger

I came across this Rootes supercharger for sale in an auction. I presume it won't be suitable for an MGA but can anyone give me more information?


Steve Gyles


It depends what the target engine capacity of the SC is. To make up manifolds to fit it to the A would not be that hard. Is there any marking to say what model it is.

As it's a rotor type it would be much quieter than the Judson. I assume that the gears for driving the rotors are also there and have no broken teeth?

dominic clancy


I don't know anything much about it. I spotted it on-line while browsing a forthcoming automobilia auction: The estimate is 200 - 300 (Lot 270).

Worth a browse through the Lots. Some of the estimates seem quite low. Pity the Michelin man pump is in poor condition (lOT 230). They have been known to fetch up to 800.


Steve Gyles

Hi Steve, Shame to see all this stuff going - it's from the Mouldsworth Museum in Frodsham which has recently closed its doors. We have had several club outings there over the last few years. It was a treasure trove of automobilia in an old water treatment plant - but the water company upped the rental so the chap who ran it had to call it a day. I will put a photo of it on here shortly.
Cam Cunningham

Here is a photo of one corner of the museum.I guess many of the signs etc are now for sale at the auction you have a link to .

Cam Cunningham

The rotor look like those in the Italmechanica that I have.
Gene Gillam

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