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MG MGA - side curtains

Hi all,

The car I restored has the Weathershield side curtains, wich are "used".I do want side curtains "just in case of" but I don't want to spent money on new ones.
The former owner cutted the RH side curtain in two pieces in an attempt to replace the panels.So I will try to Lumiweld it and make it more or less presentable.The LH side curtain is in one piece but I have to replace the panels.
And that's my question.
The sliding panel I can push out en push the new one in.But the front panel is fixed.It was done,I think in the factory,by pinching the alluminium in three or four places so that the panel was fixed.So I can not move the panel backwards and push it out.I can cut the panel in pieces and tear the pieces out of the frame.But the new panel will not go in.(andI will have no template to make a new panel)
Has anyone of you had the same problem and do you have any suggestions to get the panel out and/or in?

H. Jorens

There were a few different styes of factory supplied side curtains. How about a picture? 1500 style had all fixed Isenglas soft "windows" with a lift-up panel for access to open the door. 1600 style had a fixed Isenglas soft panel in front with a narrow steel channel to hold the back edge, and a thicker sliding Perspex panel in back. These all had fabric covered frames.

Side curtains for bolt-on hardtops were different with bare metal frame, painted steel for early ones and anodized aluminum for later ones, and two rigid Perspex panels. The front panel was fixed and the rear panel would slide.

MGA side curtain design was superseded a few times during production, so there may be as many as half a dozen factory styles. If you see MGA side curtains with two sliding panels, those would be aftermarket parts.
Barney Gaylord

I have some spare right side units in two styles - send me a pic and I'll see if I have a match.

I believe I have one AMCO and one Weathershield.

AJ Mail

I have the fixed panel out.I cutted it in pieces and pulled the pieces out of the frame.Then with a water pump plier and some rags to protect I opened up the indends in the frame.
Tomorrow I want to blast the frames with low pressure and glass beats to clean them and to give them a smooth finish and then I give them a few coats of clear lacker.
I have the rubber sets from Moss.The rubber flap on the underside of the side screen fits perfect to the Weathershield side screen.But I need to find the front rubbers.Anglo parts has in their catalogue but not in the price list.So I think they can not supply them.
So does anyone knows a source for those rubbers? They have to be for the Weathershield side screens and have to slide in the groove at front of the side screen.

H. Jorens

I believe Todd Clarke has most of the parts required to refurbish both aluminium and fabric screens.............Mike
m.j. moore

Bob west has the front rubbers, and is significantly cheaper than Todd Clarke
dominic clancy

You can remove the stationary section by placing a screwdriver under the plastic in the channel and pry it up and flex it enough to remove it. Then as they say to install a new piece is the reverse process! You don't actually have to have the new section stationary. I don't think I have used the side curtains more than twice in the last 11 years. I think I removed the crimps when I installed a new piece. Have a good day!

John Progess

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