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MG MGA - Sidescreen Overhaul

Got to get the old boy ready for Le Mans, and the sidescreens are in a bad way.

I can't find the perspexes available separately - just a huge price for new screens complete. Does anyone know where I can get them, or am I going to have to learn perspex?

Rubbers, too.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Hi Nick,

you can buy perspex sheet of the approriate thickness and cut to shape with a jigsaw or similar. polish the cut edges as you like. Then spring them into place.

The tricky bit is attaching the knobs, but they aren't essential as you can grip the screen between thumb and fingers. In fact, I still haven't done it on mine after 10+ years.

Dan Smithers

Todd Clarke sells the sliding bits and the seals. but you need to make sure that you order the right version and that he sends you what you order. I ordered correctly, received the wrong item and he was less than easy to persuade to send the right ones instead of me cutting the wrong ones down.

I would remove the old ones and then measure and specify the measurements in your order.

I just received a second set of frames to replace a damaged one to match my aluminum hard top. I have an odd one that is NOT for the aluminum hardtop but appears to be the same dimensions, but lacks the tapering aluminium piece under the windows.

If you have Moss side screens you may be out of luck and have to make them yourself.
dominic clancy


I have a set of side screens, aluminum frame with the perspex sliding sides which were fitted to my A and have been replaced with a new set.

I have thought about placing them on e-bay but really as a fellow owners needs a set, as you obviously do, you can have them. Though you'll need to collect them.
I live in Warwickshire. I also have a new set of rubbers which you can have for a tenner as well.

I'll post some pics tomorrow

If you are still interested then I'll send you my full contact details

Cheers Jerry

Hello Dan! Great to hear from you. Still got both the old stagers? I suspected I might have to learn perspex - as if french and german weren't enough.

Thanks for the warnings, Dominic.

And then . . . . . . . WOW! Jerry - how kind you are. Let's see those pics, and I will have my wrecked screens next to the PC, ready to check.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Bob West has the perspex for original screens usually and also I expect stocks the channels. His trimmer Les can fit them up for you and did a very nice job restoring my side screens. John
John Francis

Thanks, John. Just what I need to know.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Hi Nick

I have taken around about a dozen pics this morning and the screens do need some work. I have also included the rubbers. Rather than going through the tedium of uploading the pics on this site may I suggest that you email me please.

You can then have a look in more detail and decide what extra info you will need. We can then follow this through. As I mentioned you can have the screens for free and the rubbers (which were from Moss and came with the car) for a tenner the pair.

My address is:




there is a new set on ebay just now starting 99 no bids so far.

No connection.

B Bridgens

The link didn't seem to work.

Dave O'Neill 2

Hi Nick.

If you fancy a trip over the border to Redditch in Worcestershire , my good friends at Maxwell Jones will make you a set and bond the knobs on too. They have a laser CNC which polishes the edge as it cuts.

Just take your old ones to them as patterns. Very reasonably priced too.

Tel: 01527 502900.

They'll be doing mine when I get to that stage.

Chris Bond

Thanks, Chris. I gave them a ring - very helpful.

I got the sidescreens out to remind myself what was wrong with them, and it wasn't quite as bad as I thought:- one side perfectly good, and one broken pane on the other (driver's) side.

Unfortunately now two broken panes, because I tried to pop the good one out, and it broke.

My wife heard the cry of anguish, and strolled by, saying, "you should have warmed it up - every child knows that".

I might just let her sort it out.

But I do fancy a trip to Warwickshire, Jerry.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

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