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MG MGA - Spare Tyre Hold down clamp

Is there any difference between the clamp used on the roadster, and that on the Coupe (1600), which has the clamp at the rear?
Gary Lock

Yes, the coupe clamp is shorter.
N McGurk

Thanks Neil. Anyone got a Coupe spare out there?
Gary Lock

No, but if you can get hold of a roadster clamp its a relatively easy job to convert it to a coupe clamp.
J H Cole

Yes, the coupe can be made from a roadster here are some original roadster clamps with the coupe on the left and a repro. on the right.

N McGurk

The hole could be welded and redrilled or just slotted slightly longer from the original.

N McGurk

The repro clamp is dimensionally and functionally the same although lacking in the pressing detail and finish. My photograph doesn't show so well but side by side that is pretty obvious.

So a coupe clamp can be made from a repro roadster clamp.

N McGurk

From the back you can see that the coupe clamp lacks the closing plate and reinforcing plate that is on the roadsters including the repro.

I notice that Clausagers book (p32) shows both roadster and coupe without these plates so maybe this picture is of early cars and they were added later. Strangely the picture of the clamp in the grey coupe on the next page does have these plates and appears to be the longer roadster clamp!

The three original roadster clamps in my picture are all from 1958 onward.

N McGurk

My coupe spare tyre hold down clamp, obviously not suited to 205/50/15 tyres, appears to be a mongrel ring in (it has TOP stamped on the end that contacts the floor!). The fixing point on the floor seems to be the same as on the roadster. See following photos showing comparison with a roadster clamp.
What do people think it is off?
PS I plan to fabricate a clamp that will fit this spare wheel.

Mike Ellsmore

Photo show comparison of above clamp with a roadster clamp.

Mike Ellsmore

The special coupe only clamp is for the coupes that do not have a hole in the front of the trunk. The clamp is in the center of the tire/trunk. If you have one like Mike E where the clamp is on the right side of the trunk it uses the same one as the roadster. Mike,the one in your picture is not from a MGA. The "Roadster" one on the left in your picture is correct for your coupe.
The picture below is pages 32 & 33 from Clausengers "Original MGA"

R J Brown

That's what I referred to above. Note the difference in the roadster clamp (p32) compared to the photos and also a roadster clamp in the centre coupe position (p33)!
N McGurk

Mike, I fear that errant clamp might be from a "modern"!
N McGurk

Just for the record: close up of the underside of a roadster clamp (1600 MkII).

A.M. Kunz

I thought the difference in spare tire clamps was a function of wether or not there was a pass through hole in the bulkhead, rather than a coupe vs roadster issue. Clamp location moved to directly behind the tire with the solid bulkhead and was offset to the right side when the tire went through the hole. Please correct me if I'm in error here.
A M Leyva

Correct. Only the 1600 type Coupe (including 1600 style Twin Cam Coupe) had the solid bulkhead. The 1500 Coupe was same as the roadster with spare tire through the bulkhead.
Barney Gaylord

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