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MG MGA - Stainless steel exhaust systems

For all in the UK

I now need a new exhaust system!

Is there a preferred supplier who can provide a stainless steel system that actually fits?

(Cynicism grows proportionally to the lack of head hair - of which I have very little)!!!

John Follett

John, I bought one a few months ago from Midland Sports & Classics. I had it fitted by an Austin Healey contact who hates stainless systems but was pleasantly surprised that this one fitted. On eBay now At 167 including fitting kit. Of course, I could just have been lucky... Shane

I would stay away from stainless exhausts. My experience with the Falcon system was that over 20 years I had to replace the silencer every two or three years because the stuffing had blown out and the box had no effect at all. Fortunately I had a lifetime guarantee! I changed to a mild steel silencer and all has been fine in the years since.

Regardless of which system you go for, I would also suggest splicing in a second silencer under the left had seat - I got a simple one from Demon Tweaks - as this makes cruising at speed a lot quieter too. This required cutting a section out of the pipe and the secondary box just slides over the cut pipe and is held in place and sealed by two clamps. No other support required.
Dominic Clancy

Unfortunate experience for you Dominic. I have had a Falcon box on mine for the last 20 years without issue.

Steve Gyles

The same for me : any problem with my Falcon (more than 20 years)
Midget rally

I am not alone..... Barney had the same experience.
Dominic Clancy

When the time comes, and I expect it to be in a year or two, I'll replace my muffler with one from Porter exhaust. While not a direct fit, they make a nifty SS muffler with SS packing married to a different take on core design. A bit of fabrication and I expect to have an exhaust that will last and sound great. While based in the U.S., they do have distributors in Norway & New Zealand. As an fyi, I have no affiliation with Porter.
Nick Kopernik


Our BV8 system lasted more than 30 years and over 100,000 miles - on the B.roadster it lasted 22 years - the SS system has a different tone to mildsteel but it still muffles.
Roger Walker

John, try zero exhausts in Ashford, I had a fiat dino exhaust made by then and it looked and sounded wonderful, they will tune the noise to your requirements
David k Brenchley

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