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MG MGA - The 100 Year Old Driving School

Anyone see the programme on ITV? 90 to 100+ year old being assessed for their ability to continue driving. One 94 year old in Yorkshire was assessed driving his Red MGA coupe. Unfortunately they obscured his number plate. He was declared fit.

Good programme. Quite amusing at times.

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve
Haven't seen the programme, but the chap concerned - Brook, passed away last week.

Colin Manley

Oh dear. They did not say that in the credits. Worth watching on ITV Player. Some very interesting driving by the old people and we will all be there before long. The road test they did was purely voluntary with ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) driving instructors acting in advisory capacities only. One old boy had never taken a driving test nor ever read the Highway Code. As he said, none of it had been invented nor written down when he started driving.

Steve Gyles

fortunately we are all someone's grandparent or great-grandparent and the programme producer is not going to achieve the aim of having us banned. Our cars are a great deal more vulnerable to envy and critical comparison with the modern cars and regulation.
Roger Walker

Can also be viewed on You Tube:
Red MGA Coupe can be viewed at 4:06.
Dave Barron

Try this one.Copy and paste.

Dave Barron

The MGA was in the previous programme
R G Everitt

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