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MG MGA - The lengths we go to!

Does anyone else go to the ridiculous lengths that I do with spin-on oil filters!!? Having put a spin-on filter conversion on my twin cam I decided for a bit of fun to buy the expensive K&N long filter (with hexagon spanner end to ease removal) and give it a quick spray with a Moss rattle can of MG engine red. When installed it takes a good second look to see that it's not the original can filter. As it's a quick and easy spray job, needing no surface preparation, have been doing it ever since. Daft? Never mind! Anyone else?

B Mayo

I suppose I do Bruce, the important thing is not to admit stuff like to anyone, especially my daughter,she would say something like " That's really sad Dad"!

Colyn Firth

I don't even want to hint at what I call "cruise control" but my son just shakes his head and says - "my god..."
Bayard DeNoie

I have used this filter but never thought of spraying but I may next time. As you say an easy job.

Paul Dean

I take my hat off to anyone who wants to keep everything looking as original as possible whist modifying their car for current day engineering and safety practices.

I guess I could do this one, but I have so many other differences where do I start? BRG body & upholstery colours for starters! That said, it is always nice when someone asks to look at the engine and you raise the bonnet to show them a clean, oil free and correctly detailed (more or less) compartment.

Steve Gyles

A real fetishist would go the whole nine yards and paint the hex silver to look like a bolt
dominic clancy

...... and fettle the flats of the hex so they were true UNF bolt-head size!

Colyn: I am sure she wouldn't say that if she had already seen your cache of spares in the boot. Unless she likes to repeat herself, of course.
Graeme Williams

Fortunately Graeme, the spares i carry around are pretty well hidden away out of sight and she has never noticed them.
She once gave me the nickname Justin as I always used to carry a rucksack full of warm clothes, waterproofs and an emergency medical kit on our summertime regular mountain walks, "Just in case"!
I don't recall her ever complaining though the many times when the weather changed and I could hand her warmer waterproof clothes!

Colyn Firth

Oh it's catching Colyn! Having waited for hours the other week for the RAC to turn out, we now pack heavy coats even in mid-summer as it got very cold as the sun started to go down. Resisted the temptation to pack flask of coffee and something to wee in, for the same reasons although I suppose the flask could serve the one purpose assuming the correct order of events was adhered to.
Graeme Williams

Being a little OCD (according to my wife!), I did the same thing. Before we painted my engine, I bought 6 Wix filters and had them all painted with the same paint as the engine. That should last me a few years of driving. Hope to be driving it in a few months. I've attached a picture of my engine before it was mated with the tranny, with one of the filters attached.


JL Cheatham

I've been doing the same thing, on the same K&N filter, for over a decade. It only takes a few seconds and makes it look so much more appropriate for an old car.
Steve Simmons

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