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MG MGA - Thread Duration

I spoke (email) with the webmaster Mike Plumstead about the time finished/dormant threads remain on view for perusal before disappearing off into the archives. Until now it looked about 2 to 3 weeks. Mike has extended that period to over a month (might even be 6 weeks).

This hopefully will have the bonus of the board looking like it's still very active; not withering on the vine and encourage new comments and issues to be posted. Difficult to believe that all our cars are running so perfectly that no one needs assistance!

Steve Gyles

I'm not sure why anything needs to go to the archives at all. Maybe the software doesn't have a pagination feature? Anyone coming here to search for a particular topic of discussion isn't going to realize they have to look somewhere else for more posts unless they're already familiar with the site.
Steve Simmons

Well done Steve G. I find it sad that the forum is looking so sorry for itself. Like you I cant believe our cars are not still over heating, that people arent contemplating changing the type of brake fluid, etc.

I am just wondering, contrary to what Steve S has said, that all the answers are now in the archives, so people dont need to post?

I hope not, I enjoy my daily read of the forum
Graham V

No, they are migrating to other forums. The software this site runs on is really dated and has limited function. One photo per post, the archive thing, etc. Modern forum software is far more intuitive as well. This site has a great group of people and tons of information in the archives, but it's difficult to search for it. If you try to use Google instead, it doesn't come up with archived results because you have to be logged in to view them. So anyone searching the web for "MGA Water Pump" will be pointed to a different site. That's why there are almost never new members showing up here like on other forums. Modern forums generally don't archive anything, they just display X number of posts per page, all searchable from one place. I don't mean to complain, it's just disappointing because I've always liked this site best.
Steve Simmons

Thanks Steve, although I would prefer even longer say 6 months so we have a whol season.

I must admit I often find it difficult to find threads once archived. There is a bit of discipline we can all do to improve this one. When a thread wanders onto a different topic can we start a new thread with an appropriate title rather having a great discussion at the bottom of a long thread under an only marginally related title. Just an idea.

Paul Dean

I have to agree with Steve Simmons. The software is totally obsolescent.

Steve Gyles

I much prefer this forum and the MG Experience Forum to the Facebook equivalents.

The problem with Facebook is that you get bombarded with posts that you have no interest in and adverts, to be honest I find it a bit annoying.

At least with this forum you have the choice of reading the posts you actually want to read and only when you want to read them.

I agree though about the posting pictures, archive etc, Im sure these could be made easier.

For me, the most annoying feature is not being able to edit your posts. The 5 minute time limited edit facility prevents you from correcting any incorrect information that you may have posted which could be disastrous to someone who is trying to fix a problem with their car. I think we should be able to edit our own posts indefinitely.


Colyn Firth

Agreed, and I'll also say that the forums should be condensed. A few dozen forums with only a few posts makes it look like a ghost town. Better to have a handful of more active ones. In the old days (20+ years ago), an MGB General and MGB Technical helped because it was so busy here. But now they should be combined and previous posts merged.
Steve Simmons

My old forum runs on up to date software and despite being regularly scanned by googlebots very few people visit - let alone post!

It used to be very active but dwindled away slowly over a number of years.

Facebook is a pain - the adverts drove me away and even with fluffbuster I got fed up with ignorant postings by all & sundry. When FB hit the news over data security issues I just killed off my account. Sadly Whatsapp & Instagram are now owned by FB and are heading down the same route.
Chris at Octarine Services

This thread was discussed between 08/10/2018 and 12/10/2018

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