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MG MGA - Waterless Coolant

I know this has been discussed on numerous occasions and I have no intention of going down that route; quite happy with my set-up. However, I was watching Wheeler Dealers on Quest the other evening. They were doing a Triumph TR6. Ed, the mechanic, raved about the waterless coolant, stating that it prevented corrosion and, as it contained no water, there was no expansion of the fluid to raise the pressure in the system. He proved the point by immediately removing the radiator cap after shut down of the hot engine - no blast of hot steaming liquid. Also, it was good for the life of the car. No need to drain and refill every year or so. His only adverse comment was that it had cost 90 to fill the system

Steve Gyles

Did Ed mention that the car runs hotter though?

Colin Manley


I don't recall him saying that.

Steve Gyles

If you want to test to see hot it might work in your car, drain the system and remove all of the fluid, including draining the block. Then install 100% glycol coolant with no water. Run it for a while, and see if you like it running 10 to 20 degrees higher on the temperature gauge, and likely boiling fuel in the carburetors in warm weather.

Waterless coolant is straight glycol based fluid, which has significantly lower specific heat, meaning it carries less heat for a given temperature rise, which is why it has to have more temperature rise to carry away the waste heat. If you think your engine may be running a bit too warm in hot weather stay away from waterless coolant. It can be an expensive lesson if you have to drain it out and go back to 50% water solution.
Barney Gaylord

When I recently spoke to Bob West about a recore, he recommended I put 4life in (from mgoc spares). He had used waterless before and didn't rate it for various reason's. 4life has a low freezing point and high boiling point and was 20quid for 5 litres. My coupe now runs at about 160 on the gauge.
C Wilson

Have a look at Peter Burgess website Steve, if you use waterless coolant in any of his engines you will void your warrant, he recommends water.

Colyn Firth

I have no experience with it but read (though cant say if its true) that Evans waterless coolant is prohibited at race tracks as it is highly flammable. And you need to make sure hoses etc are A1, as contact with the exhaust manifold they say, could lead to a fire.
Graham V

Yes, pure antifreeze will burn. My 1987 Mazda RX7 used 90/10 antifreeze/water solution for starting fluid in the cold weather starting system.

Antifreeze is banned for race cars because it is bloody slick when spilled on the race track.
Barney Gaylord

I used Evans waterless coolant in a Subaru that I fitted into a t2 VW van, I got a serious burn on my arm from one of the silicone pipes that I fitted, the temp of engine must of been in region of 150+
Engine had permanent rattle on startup afterwards too,
I removed the waterless coolant, and did a little homemade experiment with the stuff,heated 2 bars of steel up and immersed one in water and one in Evans coolant, 10 secs later I removed the bars from each, the water bar was cold and the waterless coolant bar was still too hot to touch, the Evans coolant was also still warm a long time afterwards unlike the water.
Water conducts heat away much faster, hence why it's been used since time began .
I would never ever use waterless coolant again , a very expensive and painful mistake.I would also tell anyone thinking of using it ,because of overheating Don't !!
Just flush your system out well,and use good old water and antifreeze
Hot climates get a tropical core rad.

However there is another product that I have used to great effect,it's banned in racing circles especially bike racing and that is called
"Water Wetter" just a few ml in your system does the trick of lowering the surface tension of the water hence lowering hotspots etc,
D M Tuffin

"it's banned in racing circles"

Why so?
Dave O'Neill 2

I used 4 Life for a year or so. However, I think it really searches out tiny weaknesses and leaks which don't appear to leak with water and antifreeze. Maybe I just don't see them with water as the water evaporates. The 4 life leaves a messy pink deposit though. It also messes up the garage floor with the tiny overflows on cooling down. I know someone will tell me to install a sealed system now but I like the open system.
John Francis

I take it you haven't raced a motorbike then--
Water only--that's the rule here-
On a bike on the track you find out real fast where them leaky sedans have left there coolant for you to slide around on -- and usually it will be where you don't want it like in a braking area or coming out of a corner-OR halfway round that big sweeper
On the track here cars have to have catch cans on there breathers and radiator overflows
1 litre for under 1 litre cars
2 litre for over 1 litre cars
Really these are only big enough for normal expansion and also don't cover bursting hoses etc
I reckon banning coolant in all race vehicles is a good idea---should be same rules for everyone--water only
Bring it on--
William Revit

The only good comments I have seen about Evans stuff is from the retailers...obviously some good mark ups on product.
Gary Lock

You started this thread not wanting to ressurect the "war" over Evans. Fat chance! Never mind - it's good to hear it being rubbished again as it saves us all a lot of cash and the near impossibility of getting every drop of water out before using it. I'm a 4Life man - runs cool, long life, not prohibitively expensive and no leaks anywhere. No doubt straight antifreeze/water would be just as good if changed more regularly. However, I'm happy!
B Mayo


Yes, seems a long time ago in March when I merely commented on the TV prog. I was on 50/50 water/antifreeze at the time and still am. No intention to change. Using the old adage "if it aint broke don't fix it". I have only disturbed my system once this year to change the thermostat. Always been a cool runner so I can't get excited about any of the add-on extras for cooling. The only exception is my conversion to the 7-blader fan which was done for interest, analysis and safety (ok I know Barney has views on that). So far so good; not down to 6 blades yet.

Steve Gyles

There's nothing wrong with the original fan! Just chech the rivets very occasionally.
Re the Evans stuff, so many negative views have been aired here, from expensive thro downright dangerous to increased running temperature, etc, etc., and by several emminent and truly knowledgable people like Peter Burgess, Barney and some on this site who are professionals in the car business, that I don't get it. Do you? Anyone else? How does the stuff continue to be advertised, and presumably sold? Confused of Shoreham!
B Mayo

As I said Bruce, the margins must be great for the retailers to continue selling it. I also understand that anyone trying to claim for something under the guarantee offered by Evans may as well go kick themselves! is usual with this type of stuff, they will find a loop hole not to pay e.g. did you "completely" clean the whole system before you used it...very, very difficult with all the engine galleries etc.
Gary Lock

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