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MG MGA - Wheelbox spindle seals

I was planning to replace my wheelbox seals this weekend but looking at the splined collar on the shaft end suggests that Lucas have gone to some lengths to make sure it doesn't come off easily.

The shaft has been centre punched at the end in three places to lock on the collars.

I don't fancy removing them so was wondering if anyone had succeeded in stretching the seals over the collar.

The hole in the rubber seals is 1/4" and the collar is 1/2" OD. Don't know the type of rubber used but the seals are ex Todd Clarke....................................Mike

m.j. moore

Easier than that. Push the shaft out of the plastic wheel on the other end of the shaft. That is, remove the wheel, not the knurled hub. See here:
Barney Gaylord

??? "plastic wheel" ???

Otherwise all interesting, never did it, but then I never had a seal!
If the bush is OilLite as I imagine, then it is worth scrubbing with a rifle brush and solvent, let dry while stuffed with paper towel, and then soak 24hrs in (hot)oil per usual practice. Modern experience from other critical applications indicates that using synthetic oil is far better than what it had.

Same for other porous bushes, like the dying cat heater or fan motors in cold weather.

FR Millmore

Many thanks for the tips guys. I'm afraid I don't have a press but I'll try drifting out the shaft.

I was hoping there would be a flood of replies from people who had managed to slip the seals over the collar. The minimum elongation to breakage required of the rubber is 200% and if the rubber is nitrile then figures of 200-500% apply so with a bit of luck it should work.......................Mike
m.j. moore

Doesn't look any worse than most MC seals.

FR Millmore

Okay, it's a die case wheel for MGA, but same applies. Push the shaft out of the wheel with a pin punch, pull out the shaft, clean everything, install new seal, and reassemble. See here:
Barney Gaylord

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