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MG MGA - wing attachment to sill

The Service Parts List calls for "screw fixing front wing to sill", AFH2587, with a quantity of six required, three per side I assume. What size screw is this, maybe a no 10? Do they fit under the finisher strip? Does anyone have a picture or sketch of what this area should look like?

Thanks a lot, George

G Goeppner

N'o 10 sounds metric... 100% they should not be metric

these may be B.A threads as they are quite small..

But who am i to know :-/
k klay

No. 10 sounds right to me. (all SAE screws smaller than 1/4" are designated by numbers, 8, 10, 12, etc.)
Ed Bell

3/16" UNF, also listed as #10 I think. Same as the front valence. Yes they do fit under the sill finisher. Tony
Tony Mitchell

A 10-32 should fit if you chase the threads in the captive nuts, would have originally been a BA thread I believe. They fit under the finisher strip as I remember from my reading. You can see two of the screws in this photo from the Eclectic Motorworks web site. Note this is before the installation of the finishing strip.

B Young

#10-32 is correct, assuming you have restored the original captive cage nuts. To fit inside of modern issue trim strips, the screw head needs to be small diameter, like a fillister head screw. See attached picture. When I did mine I installed pop rivets and removed the screws just before installing the trim strips. See here:

Barney Gaylord

I marked the trim strip where all the bolts were, then used a Dremel and ground away the inside of the strip to clear the bolt heads
gary starr

Hi there
I used cover strip screws to fasten it all together, fender, sill and strip-no drilling or grinding.


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