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MG MGA - Wiper arms

New arms from Moss.
They don't seem to be "cranked" enough, as the tips of the blades are about 2" high off the screen rim when the other ends are touching it, parked.
Not a big deal but is there an easy fix? Can't just bend the arm as it would be bending against the wide edge and it would buckle.
Art Pearse

Are your wipers parking on the correct side and did you buy the correctly handed wiper arms? IIRC, the arms should park on the driver's side (left in North America) and you should have wipers for a left-hand drive car.

A picture of the issue you're having might help if you can post one.
Larry Wheeler

Art - I have bent the tip on the wipers on our MGB without buckling them. Secure the tip (up to the bend) in a vice, then either use a large Crescent wrench or your hands and pull VERY slowly until you get it to the correct position. The trick is a very slow pull (or you can heat the bend section, but that will remove any finish on the arm. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Larry, yes, I have the LHD arms and they park to the driver's side. They just need another 20 degrees of crank!
Art Pearse

Bend as David has suggested. You should be able to crunch any buckle out with a soft jaw vice. I am pretty sure arm is SS so you should be able to polish out any wrinkles.
Mike Ellsmore

Art, some bend easily some don't!

A few years ago I got a set for my MGA and they were cranked the wrong way, it was very simple to reset them as David describes above. Even though it was a large angle and in the "wrong" plane they remained straight and strong without buckling.

Visiting a friend who was restoring a Jaguar he told me he had a similar problem. His were just a few degrees out. I mentioned the method and he was very happy for me to pop them in the vice and adjust. After an embarrassing few minutes of struggle he released me from my misery and admitted he had tried that and it hadn't worked for him either!

These identical looking arms were made of much sterner stuff!

That said I suspect the soft stainless is probably cheaper and so let's see if the Moss ones bend or not!
Neil McG

I just saw on Barney's site that Trico supply arms with a pivot to adjust the crank.
Art Pearse

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