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MG MGA - Your battery cover-2 or 5 Dzus fasteners?

Very early MGAs have 5 dzus fasteners in the battery cover - 2 on the sides, and 3 along the back edge. Obviously, these 3 are hard to get at with the spare wheel in place. Later cars had only 2 on the sides, and a lip was added to the rear edge of the cover so it could be slipped under the wheel.
We know that a July '56 car, chassis (VIN) number 18273, has 2 fasteners, while a November '55 car has 5. The MGA Guru would like to try to establish the approx change over date, so if your car is prior to chassis 18273, please advise if you have 5 or 2 fasteners.
P. Tilbury

I thought the tab was added to the front of the cover on the 1600 and later cars.
David Werblow

Peter, my car has only 2 fasteners. Chassis # 14408, approx April '56.
Andy Bounsall


The lip I am talking about is across the rear of the cover. This replaced 3 fasteners and allows the cover to be slid in under the spare wheel. The tab you are referring to is the one at the front put on to hold the window bag/roof from sliding forward.

Andy - thanks, so that narrows the change down to between November 55 and April 56.

P. Tilbury

Peter, one of my cars is in the first 2000 cars, and has the back lip and only two dzus fasteners (no front lip).
Gary Lock

Just read your post again. Why is the date "approx April '56"? If you have a BMHIT Heritage Certificate, the date of build and date of despatch from the factory is shown. So no approx about it!
P. Tilbury

No BMHIT Peter. Approx build date based on the chassis # relative to published production change dates and #'s.
Andy Bounsall

Mine is 5 fasteners. 1956 manuf. date March.. 12603 Original owner was Father.
Ron Bissland

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