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MG MGB Technical - 74 doesn't want to continue running

Hey, it is I,again. trouble and questions about starting and then dies. Long story short, I installed Delco alt. connected all. Oh by the way I drove it into the garage with a lucus alt.. Started right up!! Ran long enough for me to check the nice bright light bulbs. all of them. Nice. was going to adj. carbs. AGAIN but, by the time it was warming up it ran continuously worse and finally quit. discovered that I had some how connected , spliced in, a wire to the temp. sending unit. disconnect it and the engine ran for a very brief time and rough. Tach. worked. I started checking wires every thing seems to be the way it was when i drove it in. I have spark to the plugs have checked fuel going to carbs.. checked the fuse box and the bottom fuse has juice all the time. but not the third one. oh yeah have a pertronx spelling of that i am not sure of. DPO on that one. surely i crossed some wiring need a bit of help running this one down. thanks blair
stutz Stutz

First thing to do is to remove the Pertronics unit and fit a standard set of points and condenser. Then try to see if the engine runs.
Iain MacKintosh

Was just about to post same comment. also worth checking you are getting 14 to 14.5 v wnen the car is running, and 12.5 or so when not. This will check you have the alternator in OK.
Stan Best

Thank you both for the reply. When i get a chance i will try to start it again with the electronic ing. seeing how it ran twice with that installed. If no luck i will locate the points and cond.. seems now i have to find the correct wire for the sending unit on the temp. gauge. i thought i had followed the wiring diagram. who really knows for sure??? I will let you know what transpires. thanks again
stutz Stutz

.. and don't be surprised if the coil is the culpret. Sometimes they get temperamental when they warm up.
R Walker

It wouldn't be running very rich would it?
From, say a stuck carb float, or choke not shutting off? There would be some black smoke if it was and the spark plugs would have heavy black deposits on them. Just a thought, since this could produce the symptoms also.


Hey Ralph, You are the man! unfortunatly i fried my pertronics trying to find out what the hell! So, now it runs great. After i took the carbs off again cleaned the needle valve, adj. the floats, and set the carbs and timing.
lain, thanks for getting me back to old school, love it!
safety fast, blair
BA Amstutz

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