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MG MGB Technical - Adjustable pressure relief valve

Anyone seen one of these before?

And why would it be necessary?


Colin P.

Colin Parkinson

Hi Colin

Next visit i will show you one, if I can find it, nothing clever and tend to leak!
I prefer using a ball bearing then trimming a spring to achieve the desired pressure.

Peter Burgess Tuning

Peter this engine I am doing has got one on. Any idea who made them?

That might indicate who built the engine.

With so much red Hermatite you would not believe!!!

Colin Parkinson

They are easy to make so probably wouldnt help with engine history. I wouldnt use one personally as they do tend to dribble at best. How old is the engine?

Peter Burgess Tuning

All I know it was an 18V, been in storage for over 10 years!


Colin Parkinson

Superfluous for a street engine and not something I'd use on a race engine (shims do the job better with no leaks).
Bill Spohn

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