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MG MGB Technical - and the battery position

had to open up another thread, can't seem to load more than one pic on a thread!
here is battery in position.

Cheers Jack.

Jack New Forest

Looks very good. Do you have the battery secured, at the base, with a hold down bracket? RAY
rjm RAY

Very neat. I assume on RHD cars the screen washer is located in this area.

Details on battery securing would be great. It's hard to see from the photo.

Robert McCoy

>can't seem to load more than one pic on a thread!

Just reply to yourself in the thread and add a new photo to the reply, as many times as necessary. Makes searching the archives later on much easier!
Rob Edwards

Hi Guys, yes I made up a bracket to hold down the battery, where the blanking plate (covering hole that would be used on left hand drive cars for pedal box for clutch/brake servo) so for you Lefties it would be on the right hand corner was situated, I used one of the bolts holding the blanking plate to hold down the bracket.
Very simple.
Jack New Forest

And what is the cold cranking amperage of this battery? Mike
J.M. Doust

Jack, you do know that you have voided the MG factory warranty. That's not even a Lucas tar top battery! What were you thinking? RAY
rjm RAY

Good one rjm RAY I'm shaking in my boots, I thought my warranty ran out in 1968 it was for 12 months! ha! ha! It's OK I've kept my two 6V and left the original wiring in place, so If the man from MG comes a knockin on the door I can quickly slip them back in.

Jack New Forest

Jack, a very good precaution. RAY
rjm RAY

Come on, forget about about the warranty! That is already voided by drilling the hole in the inner wing for the earth strap!!

Joern, you can always put a plastic plug in the hole where the earth strap was installed. One must keep their warranty in tact. RAY
rjm RAY

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