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MG MGB Technical - Attaching number plates

What are people's methods to attach number plates to the backing plate. Double sided tape, bolts (unsightly), silicone compound? I mdon't want my nice new number plates falling off but don't want it to look untidy either.
Steve Church

Coloured plastic nuts and bolts, as original.
Allan Reeling

In Germany there are plastic frames which go round the plates and clip the plate into place. The frame is screwed to the backing plate, the plates go into the frame and the frame is closed. The plates are not cut, glued or deformed in any way.

The frame can be unclipped to change the plates which is handy if you move to another area (and need new plates). It does mean that they are easier to steal. There has been a spate of stealing plates and filling up with fake plates. This has happened to me. My plates are now screwed to the car and the heads filled with epoxy...

Mike Standring

Bought some of these recently, haven't fitted them yet. The screws are 8g, the same size as the existing ones.
Brian Shaw

You can get some super sticky double sided tape (from Halfords, I think) for this purpose. Of course, it costs way more than it's worth, but it does stick. I used it on a Mazda 3 number plate, which has a fairly sharp curve in the centre of the bumper that the plate has to bend around, and it managed to stick it to that.

Dave Smith GT

Automotive double sided tape as used to keep body mouldings on- It don't come off easy!
Michael Beswick

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